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AnimeGames Review

Website Intro

AnimeGames is a different kind of site. Instead of just watching sexy videos you are part of the action. These are sex games that incorporate anime video. If you want to be able to have an active role in the action this is something for you. These games feature sex animated characters that need a helping hand from you. This is the place to find sexy games with themes like supernatural horror, science fiction, high-tech mecha-designs, futuristic fantasy, and the best 21st century animation. You can choose between three categories including hentai games, 3D games, and online games. And all three categories have demo videos so that you can explore what the games entail before you even subscribe. High quality hentai games, 3D games, and online games are all at your fingertips. These are sexy, fun, and interactive ways to get your pleasure.

Website Layout

Immediately the design of the page is pleasing to the eye. It looks fun and it looks whimsical but it also looks very very sexy. There are three categories of games that members can begin downloading and just by subscribing you will also gain access to ten additional sites within the network. So really what becoming a member does for you is give you access to 218,235 videos, 31,652,873 pictures, and 5,000 DVD titles. The videos are available for download and are viewable as well as downloadable from a spectrum of devices including iPhone, iPod, android, PSP, and all MP4 devices. To breakdown some of the features associated with each type of game here is an overview of each type that is predominately offered by the site.

Website Content

Hentai Games

These are high quality XXX games that provide you with all kinds of sexy action. These sexy games exclusively star hot anime characters engaged in extremely sexy acts.

3D Games

This is sexy 3D action where you can control the sexual experiences within the games. Animated 3D girls become your puppets in this totally hands on 3D experience.

Online Games

A large selection of animated games played entirely online and always full of the sex that you crave. You not only get to watch the sex but you are a part of the sex. Just joining the site will give you the opportunity to download all the games and get to playing them for your pure enjoyment. Take part in all the interactive sexiness the site has to offer and then some with all the bonus sties available for becoming a member.

The girls in the games have exaggeratedly large breasts and dripping wet pussies. You can watch their arousal drip from their pussies and you can know that you are the reason that arousal exists. You control their world. You control their pleasure. You can make some really sexy things happen. This isn’t just a case of watching sexy videos you are actual right in the middle of the action making things happen. The moves you make in the games can set some pretty amazingly sexy things into action. These girls, suck, lick and fuck for as long as you want to take control. They pop out their gargantuan tits and they invite you into their dripping wet pussies. The best thing is that you take control. Your actions and your skills determine the amount of pleasure shared between you and the animated girls in the games that you are playing. Some examples of the kinds of games you are able to gain access to include these titles 3D Sex Games, Aisha on Action, Anime Striptease, Gamble the Girls, Fetish Shows, and Anima Orgasmica. In addition to the games, membership gives you access to ten more sites and this gives you access to thousands and thousands of videos and pictures. Animated bliss is waiting for you. On sites where you only watch real girls having sex with someone else all of the control is totally out of your hands but with these games you are the character getting your cock sucked, you are the character ramming into the girl’s pussy and you are the character making streams of cum shoot from the girl’s pussies. You are the one accomplishing orgasm for the girls in the games and the success of everything depends on your skills. This is a very sexy prospect and a major turn on knowing that you hold the key, the control is literally under your fingertips.

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In Few Words

AnimeGames puts you in control of the action. How many times have you wished it was your cock instead of the male actor’s in the video that you watch. How many time have you wished that you were in control of when the sexy girls cum or how they or how many times they cum? You don’t have to just wish anymore with a site like this you actually can be in control. The cock in the game bringing the girls pleasure really belongs to your character and you really are calling the shots. These games explore fantasy at a whole new level. Your experience becomes much more interactive vs. voyeuristic and suddenly you are the powerful star of the sexiest game you will ever play. You’ll find yourself with a huge variety of options of games and with the bonus sites and all the material available to you as a member you will get videos and pictures as well not just the games but the entire package. These are all the features you could want from a site. You get control over sexy dripping wet girls, you get to essentially put your cock in the action, and you get the added bonuses of being able to go to ten additional sites and enjoy many videos and pictures just because you subscribe to the games. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why you wouldn’t get in there and start playing. Use your skills to distribute orgasms all over the virtual land.

How much costs enter the AnimeGames site?

  • 3 days $1.04
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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