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BeStoryClub Review

Website Intro

The thing with most pornography is that it mainly involves the graphical images of hot women getting involved in erotic sex acts. Hence for those who like to stretch their imagination a bit more, there is a website referred to as the BE story club. The word BE in short stands for breast expansion. You may find numerous websites dealing with the concept of raunchy cartoon porn, but the difference with BE story club is that they will take your imagination to the next level. Honestly speaking if you browse the website you will find that there are no videos to enjoy. But what you will find is large breast comic books/graphic novella to go through. The majority of the contents are what many viewers like to call breast expansion novellas. If you dig porn comics and erotic stories then you are going to be in love with this website. You will find the contents to be very unique as they are heavily laden with textual references and illustrations. The girls in the stories are involved in some crazy adventures and during their course of time, they lose their clothes or they tear apart. These women come in contact with numerous people and many other things and as a result engage in raunchy sex action. Though some of the incidents will appear a bit far-fetched, quite like the usual comic stuff which you associate, but it is the sex scenes and the circumstances which lead to those erotic actions what you will love greatly. The stories are interesting and will definitely catch your interests. One of the most important things about an animated porn comic or story company is the design and the graphics. These two elements have to be of top notch quality as through them the viewers would come to the website and cater to its products. The BE Story Club like some of the other top porn comic websites have got those two elements covered. The visuals of the website are quite appealing and the graphics are as good as you can. Honestly speaking the creators of the website as well as the people who have crafted the cartoon characters really have to be applauded. Their skills are commendable and it is their designs and end results why the website is so charismatic in the online world. The characters are huge, the women are hot, their breasts are BIG and we mean BIG and the illustrations and textual references are easily visible. I honestly was completely blown over by the efforts which the website designers have put into the material. When we talk about the design, it is unique and if you say like the work of some author or cartoonists or say a writer, you can simply search for them based on the date, category, title or illustrator. One of the common factors which you will find and also love about this website is that most of the stories revolve around breast expansion. But other than that there are many other features such as mental transformation, penis growth, hair growth and many more. Like say in a couple of stories, I found that there were interesting concepts such as lactation, penis growth, mental transformation and also penis growth. I found the story to be quite funny and also the sex scenes to be quite impressive. However the thing which I became a fan was its visuals and drawings. They simply blew me away. So you can imagine what is in store when you visit the website.

Website Layout

The website is quite impressive, both in its design, its visualization and also its cartoon portrayals. The designers have put in a great effort to make the website alluring as well as easily navigable to their audience. The menu bars and the category options are clearly mentioned atop the website and with just a click you can check out the portion of the website which you desire to visit. As you decline slightly, you will find that the website has list of its most preferable tales and the price is also included in the box at the bottom. Going further down, there is the subscription area where you can sign up for your membership account. There are three ways to do that- you can sign up with your Facebook account, your Twitter account, your Google account and also with your email address. In order to know about the subscription amount, there is an option which on clicking will open up a small window having all the essential subscription details. Going through that you can simply pick the one which goes with your wallet. It is as easy as that! If you become a fan of some artist or a writer, you can search for them in the website’s search engine and know whatever you want to about them. However one thing about the website is that it doesn’t get updates as often as it should.

Website Content

Considering the kind of website it is, one should not expect any videos. It is mainly a porn comic website and that is what you will get. The last time I checked there were about 261 comic/stories available for viewing as well as downloading. Each of the characters is beautifully crafted, the women appear to be alluring to the eyes and their breasts are so sexy. They will be seen in a number of different contents all in high-resolution formats and downloadable in high res PDF file.

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In Few Words

The website is awesome in its design and contents and will give you an entire new feeling. The subscriptions are cost-effective and the sex scenes are quite impressive. The women are hot and their boobs are outrageous. So log into them and enjoy what have lined for you.

How much costs enter the BeStoryClub site?

  • 5 days $4.99
  • 1 month $24.99
  • 3 months $19.99/month
  • 6 months $16.65/month

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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