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Greetings on our ’About us’ page! Well friend, you made it this far, which means you want to know more about the team! Then let us begin, and we are going to tell you everything you need to know, so you can believe in our reviews!

We are a team, this is the first thing we want to share with you. We are individuals with different views, different fields expertise, but we share the same interest: we are real porn-enthusiasts. Loving porn is not a shame, watching porn is not a sin, and writing about porn is the best thing ever! At least it is for us.

Our reviewers’ pack have wolves and lambs in it, but we are all working together, and it’s surprising, but we’re coming along fine. You probably imagine a bunch of pimpled nerds wearing large glasses eating gummy-bears all day, while they watch porn, and get sticky all the time… and you are wrong! We have some who should do some exercises, but we don’t play with ourselves, after all it’s a workplace and there are girls around too. Then what are we? We are writers, webmasters, IT-guys and professional testers. This variety of fields and expertise makes our reviews always thorough since we can inspect every bit of a site.

Porn is important to all of us, just as sexuality, so we try to leave our life outside when we start our day. When we get home, we do things that everybody do: have dinner, play with our offspring, and have sex with our significant one.

The Reviews

We pay high attention to gather as much information as we can. For this, we are keeping a close relation with the webmasters, the owners and with some studios too. This is the first step: establish a connection and get inside the site or the network… preferably for free, since we are reviewing not jerking-off there. In the event that we can’t get in, we either buy a pass, or depending on the answer, we leave the site to rot in the pit of oblivion. If you don’t find a site listed here, but we can tell you we tried to review it, then it’s probably a bad site, so you should forget it too.

Reputation is all-important in the porn industry, so we double- and triple-check every site. We are looking on their site rankings, domain authority, and we dig deeper than you could imagine. Also, we pay attention to the user’s opinion: we read the outside reviews, the comments, and user reviews about each site. If a site receives bad scores, or hardly have any ranking, we usually note it, and leave it.

As you may know there are affiliate programs for these porn sites, and though many reviewers are evade it, it’s also a significant field to inspect. Because there is no point in driving users to a site which has material with unsure origin and doesn’t pay its affiliates. So, we also inspect these programs and we look for webmaster’s reviews too.

The trustworthy sites are all listed on the best-paypornsites.com, and after years in this business, we always know which doors we have to knock on if we have queries. Sometimes we get the answers, sometimes we don’t. We are really thorough, and we put the costumer supports to the test too: canceling membership, login issues and we also bombard them with technical questions (but we already know the answer, he-he).

If you are not living in a cave, you probably know the ABBA-song ‘Money, Money, Money’ and as the song says money is important and good to have. This is why we devote ourselves to provide you with reviews which can help you make a good financial decision. And you know what the best thing about our reviews? We can almost always get you the lowest prices!

Get in Touch!

What else is there to say? Come back anytime, read our reviews and we can help you make up your mind. Leave a message if you want to ask us about something, and we are going to get back to you soon!

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