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FemaleAgent Review

Website Intro

Female Agent puts a twist on what we know of everyday casting calls; for those who want to work on set foot in adult entertainment must ensure that they fuck their way to the top. Does this sound familiar in real life? Well, a casting call for porn entertainment does not have any exceptions. In order for a female agent to believe in you, there’s a need to prove your worth before being cast in the actual sense. After all, test runs are the best way to vet new talent. Only a little concern takes over the auditions when the agents let the aspiring porn stars eat their pussies and fuck them in front of HD cameras. The site is all about embracing a new concept on the old casting chair. There aren’t any reservations as to who will walk inside the door; male or female, the agents are bent on having the time of their lives. The audition gimmick is more rewarding than it seems. The promises of the best HD videos are most definitely fulfilled through the hundreds of scenes that the site has to offer. The content is updated twice every week to ensure that there is a good flow of entertainment. 100% genuine amateur casting content that is featured on the site will not be found on any other platform. This is what sets Female Agent apart from other porn sites, the ability to differentiate its content from what other similar casting content will offer. The first impression of the site is one that will most definitely winkle all of your expectations as male agents are usually dominant in such scenes. However, these female agents turn the tables.

Website Layout

Female Agent’s Splashy page is all about showcasing the best undercover sexual content inside flashy casting call rooms. The site’s design has revolved itself around ensuring that all the scenes that show what took place are arranged systematically. The tagline ‘Trust me, I’m a woman’ will usher you into the many features that will make your stay on the site one that you can always look forward to. Each page has five episodes to boast of. All these episodes make up full-length movie that have a run time of 45 minutes each. This is more than enough time for you to jerk off and join in the pleasure. The female agents are the same from scene to scene and somehow this has worked without making the site seems repetitive. The ten minutes previews will give you an insight as to what the movies are all about; this will make it easy to make your first viewing choice. The search filters on the site really come in handy in instances where members want to view specific movies. There are no images on the site; this is because the talent agents Celine, Cynthia, Lisa are only interested in seeing what happens before the camera. The movies are not dated but they grow larger by the day. Some of the movies contain Czech models but the site offers suitable to what you cannot be able to understand. You’ll certainly notice that Female Agent likes to keep everything about it fresh in order to pleasantly surprise you every time you log in.

Website Content

The amateur models cum aspiring porn stars that are found of Female Agents fit all their parts perfectly. They are seductive-looking with everything about their figures in the right place. These are the kind of faces that adult entertainment is all about. I am sure that you haven’t seen too many sites that have female talent agent are the center of attention. Well, this one will give you a front seat to the best collection that deserves of your attention. All the models are real lookers and really know how to get down and dirty to pleasure their agents. On the other hand, the female agents are beautiful women who have the look of horny desperation on their faces. The combination of these two aspects is the perfect recipe for a sexual explosion. Of course, everyone looks their best due to the fact that they are all trying to make lasting impressions. As a porn audition, most of them are dressed in tightly fitting, attractive clothing. They are too busy to pose for the camera and decide to let you ride long as they use their best skills to pleasure their agents and get jobs. Both sides happily oblige to what’s coming. The juicy insight into their life on set will load to pussy licking, threesome ventures full on sex and many lesbian encounters. There is no better way to ultimate a casting experience than by watching these at models and female agents in action. Driven by pleasure, the female agents also partake in dishing out the sex; they are not just on the receiving end. Deeply engrossed in the action, the models fuck the casting agents on tables, on the couches, and on the floor. They are ready to play and seem to be having a good time with the adventurous casting. The faces on the site are highly unforgettable, most especially in the way that they maneuver themselves through all of the scenes. They use their tongues and hands as their best assets. Regardless of the sexual shenanigans that they are up to, you can definitely see that the models and the female agents alike fill the movie scenes with a lot of sexual chemistry.

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In Few Words

Casting calls are a side of adult entertainment that many porn sites do not focus on. Having hotties acting as agents will tempt even the most faithful men. There is no doubt that these movies will help you tap into your kinky side. There is an exciting aspect to every porn scene that will give you enjoyment to its fullest. Do not get left behind by the fast-growing collection that Female Agents has to offer.

How much costs enter the FemaleAgent site?

  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $17.99
  • 3 months $14.00/month
  • 1 year $5.83/month

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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