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If you are a real fan of big butts, then you would feel right at home at 40InchPlus.


40InchPlus Review

Website Intro

A girl with a big booty will always be hot. Just thinking about all that cushion that will await you, once you pound her while she’s on fours is enough to make you feel hot. But now the question is this: how do you determine a big ass? Is it how it bounces and sways from side to side? Do you measure it by the size of your hand? Well, if you are going to be more technical, the more formal way of making sure that an ass is big is by getting its measurements, and more often than not, the juiciest ass on the planet are forty inches and more. Yes, that’s the ass size we want. That’s the stuff made out of dreams. A lot of porn sites though that feature big asses don’t really have models with ass as big as forty inches. Most of the time, they just have regular-sized ass shot in certain angle that tricks us into thinking that the ass that they have are really big even if they are not. Another thing that we have noticed on other porn sites that feature butts is that they consider it almost the same as anal porn as well. In truth, these are two different things. They are related, yes, but they are not the same. Those that feature anal porn does not necessarily have women with big asses (although it is preferred), and porn sites that feature big butts should not feature only anal porn. Get it? There are times, though, that “big butt” porn sites claim to feature big butts but if you look closely, all you are getting are anal porn. This is the reason why we finally put our feet down, and we got determined to search for a good porn site dedicated to big butt porn, and this is when we discovered 40InchPlus. At first, we could believe our eyes. Finally, there is a site that present butts that are the just the right size (for our porn standards). We couldn’t really believe it at first, and we primarily thought that it must be some kind of marketing ploy just like other porn sites – but it’s not. It’s true. 40InchPlus is actually part of the big porn network RealityKings and what they offer is pure reality. There are even tape measures on the images of the girls just to prove a point. Another thing that we love about joining 40InchPlus is that it gives you full access to all of the girls within the RealityKings porn network – and that’s nine thousand girls in all. They actually have the most number of girls in the industry and according to the 40InchPlus porn site, “no other sites even come close!”. We know that you are more than ready to register as their member. Hence, we will not keep you waiting for too long. The registration process is really simple. All you have to do is to provide your name, your postal code, your country, and finally, your email. And that’s it. It should not take more than a few minutes, right? After that, you may now select the membership program that is perfect for your needs. They only have two options so it should not be too hard for you to choose. They have a one-month option and a twelve months option. If you are still not quite sure, then you may avail of their trial membership first, for a very low fee.

Website Layout

Their website design is very colorful yet simple. Once you have landed on the page, there are three elements that you are going to immediately see. First is the welcome banner. It contains the porn site’s logo, along with the picture of one of their most famous porn stars in the network, Flower Tucci, showing off her forty inches plus ass. Below that banner, you will see the second element of the page, the full preview of their latest upload. It contains detailed information about the video, like the date when it was uploaded, the full length of its high-definition video and the number of pictures available on the album related to that video. Aside from that, you will also get the chance to watch the trailer, as you read the video’s title and short description. After this preview, you will then see the third part of the website: the thumbnails of their other recently added media. These thumbnails are plain and simple. They don’t have any other information, other than their download link which will only show up once you hover over each thumbnail.

Website Content

The primary asset of the girls that you are going to see here is, of course, their juicy ass. This is the reason why most of their images are featured showing mostly their butt, without really giving you a good angle on how they look. But don’t worry; because once you have already started watching the videos, you will soon discover that a big ass is just one of their many blessings, because all of them are really gorgeous, with boobs to match! Although it was not really mentioned in the porn site, majority of the girls that we have seen here are Western girls, namely blonde and brunette hotties. Of course, we would love to see other types of women, like Asian ones, get featured here as well, but for the first few pages of the content that we have explored, we were not able to see one Asian featured.

Great adult website if you want some fine big butts quality porn

In Few Words

This is the only porn site that we have seen so far that features high-quality and high-definition videos of porn featuring girls with butts as huge as the ones that we have seen here. We are going to bed tonight dreaming of the juicy bubbles that we have seen here, and in our dreams, we will treat them as pillows, and once we wake up, we’re turning on our internet to witness the real thing, getting fucked hard.

How much costs enter the 40InchPlus site?

  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $24.95
  • 1 year $7.95/month

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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