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BearFilms Review

Website Overview

Those who love hairy men will get a kick out of BearFilms. The site features a lot of overweight men who cannot pass up the chance to get fucked endlessly. As a classic porn site, BearFilms really delivers on good entertainment. The site is referred to as ‘Bear’ because the big bodied men with hairy bodies do all they can to take you to cloud nine. It does not matter what they look like, they try their best to fulfill your sexual desires. The enthusiastic sexual content keeps the site going. Bear lovers will be pleased with the impressive videos that offer the most indispensable contribution to entertainment. The site features authentic bears that are the real thing. As an independent production, BearFilms does not rely on any network to host its film footage; instead, it puts out its own exclusive content. I doubt that you will ever find a collection of bears as superb as those that are found here. They take entertainment to a whole other level. Launched in 2001, BearFilms has always kept its promise to deliver the best content. Over the years, it has not faltered. This isn’t your typical bear film site, BearFilms is a true gem because it has proven that it is willing to go beyond limits in order to bring you the best kind of entertainment. Movies on the site are only offered in streaming capacity. The quality of the movies is really consistent. Therefore, you will not experience any airbrushing. The consistency makes the site highly reliable in the provision of bear films. The site has a movies count of 400+, essentially you will be highly entertained. There is a slight difference between the older movies and the current in terms of streaming capability and specification but regardless of this, the content on the site has been brought together for your sheer enjoyment.

Website Layout

The member’s area will preview you to all the movies that are found on the site. You will have a blast going through the collection. Without a doubt, BearFilms has a simple but impressive design. The quality of the scenes is sharp and offers a crisp clear view. As this is the envy of many porn sites, BearFilms does a good job of giving its members the best. You can always enlarge the movies without losing the quality that they possess. Access to the full-length films is mainly through streaming but the site offers payable download options. BearFilms has 1000+ models that are featured in the photo galleries. The high-resolution photo sets will give you still images that are worth looking at. 1024×768 pixels in size, the pictures are pretty impressive and are worth multiple zip downloads. You can be sure of the exclusivity of those images because they are copyright protected and have watermarks, therefore, they cannot be reused anywhere else. You only have to be a full member of the site to enjoy their viewing benefits. The content is not shot in one location but also highlights international places and events such as festivals and celebrations. Needless to say, it makes the site really amazing. The site can sign you up for membership on a trial basis but you can always extend your stay. You will definitely enjoy navigating through the content.

Website Content

You will not be able to get enough of the hairy men on BearFilms. The men are authentic and they will capture your attention with everything that they do. They differ in body shapes and sizes and this brings great diversity to the site. You can be able to tell that the least heavy bear weighs a little over 160 pounds with the rest being heavier than you could imagine. Do not underestimate them. These men are probably more flexible than you have been in a long time. For their size, it is amazing how much they effortlessly throw their legs in the air, pump and hump to get pleasure. They are dominant in solo scenes, threesomes and group sex scenes. The site spices things up by adding men who are not really bears but want to get a piece of the action. The sexual encounters are everything that you would want them to be. They involve a lot of pulling, pushing, shoving, sucking and most definitely fucking. You can catch a glimpse of these bears in hotel rooms, houses, condos and even outdoor places such as the camping ground. The men do it all and a few of them enjoy good BDSM action. Despite the fact that the men are real furry, they are just as masculine and study. They can be hairy anywhere are everywhere including their asses to their faces. Some of the men are dressed in shorts, vests and boxers while others are fully nude. A good number of them enjoy being mistreated and roughed around. Group sex scenes are really exciting. For instance, Tate Taylor is good in cock sucking while Rock Hunter knows how to use his tongue to excite the butthole. A combination of these two studs in a group sex scene will cause for the most explosive action. They go beyond all limits to ensure that you do not leave the site with any regrets. In solo sex scenes, the men take control of their manhood. Their main goal is to enjoy multiple orgasms and they use their hands to gently stroke their cocks in order to get it. If they could, they would suck the jizz from their boners themselves. BearFilms comprises of a lot of new faces. As they make for the best action, you would love to watch them over and over again. Their carefree attitude is contagious and they will show you exactly why they are the best in the business.

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In Few Words

BearFilms has a lot of entertainment potential. The site will bring you the newest kind of action in multiple scenes. It’s up to you to choose how to enjoy what is offered. But it is very evident that you will never take your eyes off the screen.

How much costs enter the BearFilms site?

  • 1 day $1.95
  • 1 month $24.95
  • 6 months $79.95
  • 1 year $8.33/month

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