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VirtualRealGay Review

Website Intro

VirtualRealGay is the finest and most exclusive gay porn site that it is entirely focused on delivering the best hardcore porn scenes in virtual reality, a technology that allows you to experience things like never before. Very soon video games will not be the only ones who take advantage of such an immersive experience. Prepare your PC and put on your VR headset and set sail on the experience of your life.

Website Layout

You just need to step in once to find out that VirtualRealGay is a very professional site. Getting into VR porn can be daunting for some people. But the developers and designers have created a site that gives the user a very friendly interface that they can use to find what they are looking for. Loading times are exquisite and the frame rate is amazing. You will not be seeing image tearing or frame drops while browsing the site for videos.

All menus are really useful and they are placed in the perfect place so that your eye does not miss anything that is in front of them. VR allows for an impressive field of view that can even reach 360º. That is amazing! You will feel right there fucking the guy of your dreams and watch him over you.

VirtualRealGay also makes it easy to enhance your experience by giving you access to toys that can be bought through the site at a very modest price. These toys will make everything feel more real and intimate. It is an investment, but it is totally worthy and you cannot miss it. All VR headsets on the market are compatible with the VirtualRealGay platform. This is great because you will not have to buy a specific brand of VR headset in order to enjoy this unique porn experience.

Website Content

VirtualRealGay knows that technology is important, but even more important is the quality of the guys that you are going to fuck. Let me tell you that the collection of hot guys present at the site is superb. These guys have beautiful athletic bodies, big fat cocks and they will do anything that is necessary to make you happy. Porn is, of course, the next industry that will take advantage of Virtual Reality and it will bring you closer and closer to that amazing experience of having hardcore sex with somebody.

VirtualRealGay has pushed to be the first and they have done it, also becoming the best in the genre. All videos are available at 60 frames per second and at a variety of HD resolutions that you can use depending on the processing power of your computer. All videos have an average running time of 30 minutes and beyond. There are more than 10 videos available right now, with more coming with each weekly update. The videos can be downloaded in the form of an MP4 video file. This will assure that it can be played on every computer on the planet.

How do get access to this fantastic premium content? Well, you need a membership. The price for each membership is quite low and you have options when purchasing one. You can choose the 2-days trial, a 15-days membership or maybe just go for the 3 months and Full Year options. All of them are worthy of your money and time.

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In Few Words

VirtualRealGay is an impressive new site that is a pioneer in this new phase of porn. It brings you 100% exclusive content that you will not find anywhere else and the price for it is minimal. Join now!

How much costs enter VirtualRealGay site?

  • 1 month $15.95
  • 3 months $29.95
  • 1 year $89.95

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