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LucasRaunch Review

Website Intro

When you open the LucasRaunch, you might feel a bit surprised (or even offended) as you look on the pictures. This is simply because the videos here are very heavy, and they are not for the soft-hearted. There are two major things we have clear right in the beginning: it’s a fetishist porn site, and it features only gay sex. Now, since we’ve clarified the nature of the site, it’s necessary to start digging… not into the guys’ ass, but into the background of this portal. This series is a not-too old one from the LucasEntertainment, which is one of the best gay-porn providers online. Most of these videos feature US porn stars, so if you are into guys, and you are a regular porn watcher, you may recognize some of these well-hung men. The LucasRaunch launched in 2011, and since that time it grew a nice compilation. There is an update calendar on the site, where you can see some inconsistency, but one thing is certain: at least two flicks are added every month, usually on a bi-weekly basis. All video of the site is exclusive, and apart from this portal, you can only access them joining the flagship site of the studio on the LucasEntertainment’s official page. Joining the site makes you eligible to browse all videos of the LucasEntertainment. You get a full network access, so you can enjoy not just this series, but also the vanilla hardcore scenes of the main site and the hardcore flicks of the series called SexInSuits. As a member of the LucasRaunch, the overall number of videos you can enjoy is well over 1,000, so there is quite a collection for you to jerk off to. The network’s collection grows with two videos every week, so you can’t possibly find yourself bored.

Website Layout

Above the slideshow which features the newest and hottest flicks, you can find the main menu. This menu has several options that may prove to be quite enough for browsing the content. The tour on the LucasRaunch is quite rich: you can browse through the videos, the models, and some preview trailers are also available. In case you don’t want to enter the site as a subscribing member, you can pick the scenes as you like, and after loading some Lucas Scenes Tokens, you can either unlock the scenes you like, or save them without restriction. When you log in, the site will remain nearly the same. The videos are the best listed from the dropdown of the Scenes menu, where you can choose from different categories. After choosing a video, you land on its page. There you can either play it in the browser or go for the downloading options. Though the online watching is only available in lower quality (simple-definition), it’s a really nice experience to play them. Those who don’t care if they have to wait, but they seek high quality should stick to the downloads and save the videos they like. There are various sets of photos too, containing modeling pictures, and the hot moments of the videos too.

Website Content

The LucasRaunch is the hardest site of the LucasEntertainment network. Since you’ve already read this far, you probably know that this is gay porn site, and not from the soft kind – it’s the heavy hardcore fetishist porn site of this company, so get ready for some nasty fun. Those who have prior experience with gay pornography will notice some of the guys from other sites. These lads are all established stars of this industry, and they seem to have a good career going on. Fortunately however, the studio has some fresh guys in the videos, thus providing the members with a pretty great variety. Since most guys here have a long record in the industry, they look like as you would expect from experience porn stars: they have chiseled body, they are fully worked-out and almost all of them have tattoos all over their body. Some tattoos are wilder, while others are more solid. There is one thing the site doesn’t seem to have and that’s the real bears – there are hairy guys, but they are not as big as you would expect from a bear. So, apart from the tattooed big lads, there are some skinnier, cute guys, who they usually refer as sluts. These guys have nice faces, perfectly shaped and shaved body… and they take a lot of cock up their ass. The videos of the LucasRaunch are quite raunchy. Since the main niche here is fetishist heavy hardcore, that’s exactly what you can find here. Gay sex is kinky on its own, but when they mix it with different fixations and fetishes, it’s the ultimate kinkiness. There are main fetishes present: bukkake, foot-fetish, wet-play, hand jobs, dildo-play and a few others. Every video features at least one heavy element. You will find these videos quite satisfying, especially if your fixations are featured in them. The nasty pissing videos are arousing, and those who like this stuff, should seriously watch as much as they can find here. The guys are giving in everything they have. The bukkake scenes are amazing, the cum-sluts are literally get covered by the stuff, and sometimes, to make it more interesting, they were some sex outfit, panties and underwear. Yes, it’s important to mention, that there are pantyhose fetish videos too, and since they guys are mixing everything with everyone, the collection of the LucasRaunch is quite exciting and varied.

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In Few Words

The LucasRaunch is very nasty porn site. It’s recommended for only those who have any of those fetishes which are featured in the videos. These pissing, feet-fucking and cum-filled videos are quite entertaining, especially if you are into this. However, there are several things that should keep a regular gay-porn fan interested, like the really exciting sex in the videos, and those handsome lads. Also the network access is something that you should consider, because the LucasEntertainment is one of the few really good companies which offer the visitors good prices and better gay porn.

How much costs enter the LucasRaunch site?

  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $69.95
  • 1 year $14.95/month

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