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On LezKiss there is a big a collection of lesbian porn scenes.


LezKiss Review

Website Intro

On the LezKiss, you will find some really exciting videos, where gorgeous semi-professional and professional girls are making out. This site offers the visitors really juicy and exciting softcore porn, featuring stunning girls. The name LezKiss has a meaning: it means that there will be lesbians kissing a lot. All movies feature long kissing sessions to get the girls turned on, and during kissing they caress each other in an exciting way. Also the site offers a bit fetish and kinkiness. The LezKiss is not an old site, in fact, it’s rather new. Though the content is not dated, after doing our homework we were able to dig up the fact that the site launched during 2013, so it’s hardly two years old. Since there is no addition dates featured with the videos, it’s not easy to detect the update schedule, but right now it seems that new content comes every week or so. All videos on the LezKiss are exclusive, and it’s a hundred percent sure. These scenes are not taken from other sites, and they are not recycled content. Every movie is made for the sole purpose of publishing it on this site.

Website Layout

It’s a bit stereotypic that 90 percent of the lesbian sites use pink as a main color, but there is nothing we could do about that, pink is girly color, and it’s also matches the color of their pussy too. So, after you get used to the color theme of the LezKiss, you can start browsing the site. The menus are mostly taking you to the join page, so there isn’t much to do. The home page serves as a tour page and it offers a list of the most recent scenes. Each video has a title; you may peek into the quality and the sex that happens by looking at the large and medium thumbnails. Each piece of the tour’s list features a description of the scene. Enlisting to the site is really simple; a few minutes (or even seconds) are enough for that, and after you made the payment, you can log in. On the inner page, you can find a more complex system build, and you may also find it that all menus are working properly. Among the features of the LezKiss, you will be able to find lots of social functions. The LezKiss has a Twitter account, but the main channel they use is the Blog and the Forum. You can even request a pairing on the forum. The blog usually features posts with hot gifs, and you can find there the latest news too. The videos’ list is very simple. If you go the vids’ list, you will find six of the movies listed, represented by medium thumbs, and there are one and a half dozen pages to browse through. After you open up a video, you will land on a simple page, that features the player, the download options, along with the description and with a link to the picture galleries. The in-browser watching is possible in HD and SD, the player is a Flash-built one. The LezKiss offers you three download options: SD and HD MP4, along with a 1080p WMV. Every photo set is exciting: these seem to be actual photos, not just video captions, which mean that you can obtain some really high-quality sets. If you don’t want to download the collections, you will appreciate the slideshow that the site offers to you, along with the easy navigation through the gallery: after you open a picture, you can use the direction buttons on the keyboard to move forward or backwards.

Website Content

All girls on the site are semi-professional and professional pornstars. The models’ list isn’t that long, but there are usually some new girls joining, and as the site gets larger, the more of them will come, so you should plan with this site for the long run. The chicks look amazingly hot; most of them are featured on sites that provide the members videos of girls under twenty, so you can expect to find here gorgeous chicks with perky fresh tits and nice curves. At the moment, only Caucasians are to be found here, but they do a really exciting show, and it’s quite certain that you will be satisfied with them totally. Those who are looking for grace, beauty and sexually tempting girls, should take a look at the models of the LezKiss. As for the videos, you shouldn’t worry about quality. Since it’s hardly a two years old site, you will find here ONLY HD movies, but naturally, for better performance and SD version is also provided. Right now the site offer more than 100 videos, and most of them are longer than 20 minutes, so it’s just guaranteed that you will spend long time while your eyes are glued to the screen. The videos usually cover the same softcore niches: kissing, cunilingus, analingus, and some more. You may find some fetishes too, like tongue, lips, tits and ass worshipping, all done in an arousing and cute way. There is lot of kissing at first, than the girls strip their clothes, then start playing with each other’s body. Thanks to the high quality you may notice that most of the times they really get turned on, there is no faking. Another mentionable aspect of the movies is the bonus content you gain access to. The LezKiss offers a huge hardcore DVD collection that you can access in a video on demand service.

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In Few Words

Every softcore fan who is into lesbian porn should try the LezKiss. The videos are exciting and arousing, the girls are simply gorgeous, and those who are looking for couple-friendly, erotic and sexy videos, shall take a look at what the LezKiss have to offer. All videos of the site are coming in HD, so the quality is not of concern, and the weekly update schedules is kept. The membership fee makes the site into a considerable deal for the softcore fans, and those who are looking for hardcore sex, should also check the bonus content of the LezKiss.

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  • 1 month at $24.95
  • 3 months at $59.95

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