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ActiveDuty Review

Website Intro

When we think of the protectors of the state, we always think of soldiers. And we look up to them because they are upholding nationality and the best interests of the country in every fiber of their being. We see them as people who stand tall and strong and are unbreakable. They have a very thick and muscular build and were trained in a very harsh environment so that they will be able to defend us and eliminate any threats to our safety. And yes, there is no denying also that a man in uniform is extremely hot. And when you think of army, navy, marine, or airmen doing the nasty with each other, it just makes you hot and horny to the core also. And to find the hottest male soldier on soldier action on the internet, then you are going to love what ActiveDuty has to offer.

On the website, you will be able to see really hot men in uniform take all of it off so that their buddies on the academy can suck their dicks and their balls. All of the men on the website are real-life soldiers who get frisky with their comrades-in-arms. You would have never expected that these dudes have had that side to them. They will never openly admit that they are gay, but hash in a couple of dollars on their hands, and their tune changes completely. I am sure that you have had fantasies of army men doing it with each other. Being stuck in a very remote place for a long time with each other with no woman in sight, their sexual stress must be building up quite rapidly. And using their hands won’t just cut it anymore. The only option they have left is to do it with one another. And on the website, that is exactly what you will be able to see. You will never get enough of all the sexy action that ActiveDuty will provide for you.

Website Layout

As you enter the homepage, you will see the latest scenes that have been uploaded onto the website. On every featured video, you will be able to see the models on the videos and for how long the videos will run. Next, at the top of the home page are buttons that can help you in navigating through the website. The buttons are scenes, war chests, troops, photos, and DVDs. If you want to see all the scenes or all the models on the website on a single page arranged in such a way that suits your preference, then just click on any one of those buttons. You can arrange them in the latest added, the most popular, or in the upcoming order.

Website Content

The men on the website have very delicious bodies that have been honed and trained through various difficult tasks. You will be able to notice immediately that their muscles are perfectly shaped and defined. And if you look at their behinds, you will also be able to notice that they have very delicious-looking butts. Butts are just perfect for penetration. If you open up those delicious butt cheeks of theirs, you will be able to see their wrinkly, pink assholes that you will want to penetrate over and over. And their dicks are so beautiful to look at that your mouth will definitely water because you will want a piece of that rock-hard rod inside your mouth. And not just your mouth, you will also want to stroke that using your hand, and you will also want to ride on that delicious-looking cream roll. And as the models on the website engage in sexual activities, you will sense an air of awkwardness.

That is because they are completely acting out of the image that society has constructed for them. But as they slide in their dicks for the first time in their comrade’s ass, you can tell that both of them are loving every minute of it. He will pound that ass over and over until it turns red. And even if it turns red, he still won’t stop pounding and pounding. He will only stop once he cums or once that asshole has already been completely demolished. And looking at their huge dicks, you can bet that those assholes will be demolished. And when he’s about ready to cum, he will release it all into the inside of their brother’s digestive tract. All of the videos on the website are filmed in high definition quality, which means that you get to savor every detail of ass destruction that ActiveDuty has to offer. Not only do the videos on the website look good, but there are tons of them too! And all of the hundreds to thousands of videos on the website are playable on any device and format that you can think of. It doesn’t matter if you are using a computer or a smartphone because they will play smoothly 100% of the time.

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In a Few Words

You have always viewed men in military troops as strong and fearless. And yes, that is most definitely true that they are strong and fearless. And you would have also expected that they only do it with women. But on ActiveDuty, you will see horny soldiers who just can’t take suppress their sexual urges anymore so they hump the nearest living thing in their vicinity. And since there are no women in the barracks, they go to their fellow soldiers for warmth, and an ass to fuck. The soldiers on the website look so good as they fuck each other that you will want to sign up for military service as well. The training will be hard, but you will be willing to go through just about anything in order to get a piece of that delicious ass. There are literally tons of videos of men fucking their fellow soldiers on the website, so you will never run out. All that you will ever need can be found on ActiveDuty.

How much costs enter the ActiveDuty site?

  • 3 days $4.35
  • 1 month $26.29
  • 3 months $43.85
  • 1 year $109.70

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