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YoungThroats Review

Website Intro

YoungThroats is all about big rampant cocks shoved deep into willing mouths. Models are real stars with a natural instinctive gag reflex. This is niche porn and very well done. These tempting girls will make your heart racing in the blink of an eye.

Website Layout

YoungThroats has a refreshing design. The homepage shows some previews and models. You can jump straight into action by taking a tour of the girls, videos, and free pics. The organization is good so you won’t have any problems locating specific content. There are 5 large-sized screencaps with the models having their face stuffed with dick whilst their mascara is smudged and runs down their pretty cheeks.

Scrolling down and there are thumbnails of 27 models demurely dressed in vivid pinks, orange, powder blue, and yellow clothes, with beautifully made-up faces. Of course, there are links to these ladies naked, smudged makeup, and gagging on an erect penis. Below this, some more screencaps taken towards the climax of the scene with the cock ready to explode in the models stretched throat. There is a mix of HD and medium quality. Content is also optimized for mobile devices. So if you want, you can also view all of this action on your mobile device without any problems or reduced quality. Also, there are easy downloads available, so you can enjoy even when you are offline.

Website Content

Girls are fresh-faced, at least whilst the mascara is still attached to the eyelashes. They’re mostly European models and generally pretty to behold. Most of them are fresh-faced amateurs. They are quite slender in shape and with a very natural appearance. While watching them on set, I could see them take long cocks with a mix of awe and pride. They gag, splutter, and spit a few times before they persist and like a true champion they held that cock inside their throat until the man can hold on no longer. Sometimes they lie on their stomach and hold their feet with their hands, extend their necks so the cock can slide even deeper. The ones I saw made me quickly forgot that they are amateurs and appreciate their great determination to become seasoned deep throat practitioners.

Currently, there are 165 scenes on this site. Yes, that’s more than enough videos to take care of your entertainment scenes for a long time to come. Most of the scenes last for a little less than half an hour. Each of these scenes has a still pic gallery of some 400 pics, all gloriously photographed and very graphic. You can view them as a slideshow and open the full-page shots on your screen.

The scenes are available in a variety of definitions with the highest being an MP4 with full high def. of 8200 kb/s 1920 x 1080. WMV and Flash formats also provide high-quality images. If you are interested, but unsure if YoungThroats thing you, you should consider the limited 1-day trial. It’s a great way of testing the waters. For those who want full access to everything, you can opt for either the monthly or the 3 months package. Membership gives you access to all the content plus bonus sites meaning you get to enjoy more content and live chat links.

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In Few Words

With its concentration on the throat activity this site is not for all but for those who revel in cocks disappearing into pretty faces. YoungThroats will certainly provide you with plenty of thrills along with some spills as well. Bonus content and live chat that come with a membership status are simply irresistible.

How much costs enter YoungThroats site?

  • 1 month $29.97
  • 6 months $59.97

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