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What do you love the most about Asian women? Is it their exotic charm? Is it the wonderful culture that they have in their country? Or is it their crazy hot body and appetite for sex? If you have chosen the third option, well we won’t judge you because that is the reason why we love them as well. Of course, we also acknowledge the rich cultural heritage that their countries have, but more than that, we truly appreciate their women. We don’t know about you guys, but we find Asian women simply alluring. Their body proportions are just right, and while some of them still have incredibly large and unbelievable boobs, most of them have these well-balanced bodies with slim waists, with cute and perky nipples with butts that you would just want to slap. Man, Asian girls are great. But don’t get us wrong, boobs are great. We like them big as well, but there are times when you just need a refresher and enjoy the simpler pleasures of life. We also admit that aside from the girls there are numerous reasons why one can love Asian porn. The question is, do you? If you do, then this review is totally for you because we have found a porn site that offers more than ten thousand full high definition Asian porn videos, with more videos being added daily. Awesome, right? This porn site is called Yellow Spinners. It is actually part of the Asian Porn Members network, where you would be able to find three porn sites more (four in total), all dedicated to Asian Porn. These are Jap Box (where you would be able to enjoy completely uncensored Japanese porn), Long Time Pass (this porn site actually offers videos coming from all the sites within the network), and Asian GF Videos (this offers the largest collection of a hundred percent user submitted Asian girlfriend porn). Hence, if you are a lover of Asian porn, then this is a perfect porn site for you to join because doing so will also give you access to all the other sites within the porn network! This is why we are not going to keep you waiting any longer. We are now going to tell you the membership details. Signing up is really easy. First you need to create an account. You would only need to enter the username that you would like to use, create a password, and finally enter your email. After completing the form you may now select the membership plan that you wish. There are three main choices (a one-month plan, a three-month plan, and a twelve-month plan), and a trial membership options good for one day (for a minimal fee). It is super simple so it should not take you more than a couple of minutes. After joining you may now access, stream and download all of your videos!

Website Layout

The website is simple and very sleek with a black and gray color theme. The banner is just a plain black, with only the logo of Yellow Spinners and two links: one for the login page, and one for the sign-up page. Below the banner, you will see links to the sixty pages of this porn site. As you can see, their collection is massive. We bet that it would take you hundreds of hours before you would be able to view them all – and that’s just one site! Each of these pages contains numerous thumbnails. These thumbnails have really limited information. They don’t even contain the video’s titles, just the length, and a link to download the video. And that’s it. At the bottom of the site, you will find links to other useful pages like their members page, support page, and webmasters page. As for the features, signing up for the Yellow Spinners porn site will also give you access to their exclusive and uncensored DVD movies. Of course, all of these are via streaming or downloading, but don’t worry. The servers of this porn site are really fast so you would not have to worry about the long loading and buffering time.

Website Content

One thing that you would definitely appreciate with Yellow Spinners is their selection of girls. They did not actually feature a specific type of girl, so they have different ones in the network, and we are sure that there would be one that best suits your type and mood. The only common denominator that these girls have is that all of them are Asians. However, let us not forget that Asia is the biggest continent in the world, so bearing that in mind, you can expect different looks as well. We suggest that you open your thoughts and not be boxed in the basic stereotypes. Instead, just enjoy the variety that they offer. As for the videos, we like that they are as varied as their girls as well. You will see videos catering to different niches like anal and girl on girl, you just have to find them. According to the banner on the sign-up area, there are cosplay videos here as well, we just did not explore the porn site enough I guess to find them.

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In Few Words

Overall, Yellow Spinners is a really good porn site that provides a lot of value for your money. You would really enjoy your stay here, especially if you are an Asian porn lover like us. We have noticed that on some porn sites and networks that also offer Asian porn, some of the scenes are censored? Well, here on Yellow Spinners, you would never experience that nuisance. No matter how much hardcore the scene gets, no matter how rough the sex goes, the scenes will still be in full view. Finally, to all the lovers of Japanese porn out there, they also have a good collection of Japanese videos within their porn site. And yes, just like the authentic Japanese porn, they are also shot in a special angle unique to this type of genre.

How much costs enter the YellowSpinners site?

  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $27.95
  • 3 months $19.95/month
  • 1 year $7.95/month

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