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WillSheExplode the place where the horniest pornstars insert huge sex toys in their vaginas.


WillSheExplode Review

Website Intro

Some girls can’t just be satisfied with fingering or human cocks or average size sex toys and they level up to something very intense. These are extraordinary girls and what they want is a unique and intense kind of fucking. Welcome to Willsheexplode, a website dedicated to porn stars who can just stuff unimaginably huge plastic dildos, big black rubber dongs, huge rubber arms and fists, gigantic vibrators, huge glass toys and more impossibly giant items that are showed inside these girls’ tight holes. It’s no joke taking in a large human dildo, what more if it’s actually twice or thrice its size? These girls are not anymore satisfied with just normal size of toys; they want huge dildos stacked in all of their holes and rip their pussies. If that is the kind of action you are looking for, then this site is for you.

Website Layout

This website has a nice and simple design and feature. It actually gives you what you want with no delay whatsoever. The default page is filled with girls stuffing their ass and pussies with extra-large objects. These girls are just too amazing to be true, pleasuring and stacking their holes with giant dildos until they reach their limits. Sometimes I would assume that the pictures are edited or something, but when I saw the videos, it’s for real. These girls are the real deal and that is the sole reason why the website is very sellable. All of the pictures are in large sizes focusing the camera on the pussies as they are shoved in by the large dongs and sex toys. The design of the website is strategically done as you can automatically know its niche. There are no bullshit, no sissy sex acts, and no lame stories, just pure pleasure with nasty porn stars taking in insanely huge dildos into their ass, pussy, and mouth, and testing how far they can go. This website has 32 videos you can watch and they are all in high definition as promised. The downloading and streaming of the videos are very smooth and fast. It’s like how these girls shove giant dildos inside of them, only smoother and faster. You can download the full movie and has multi-bandwidth feature so you can just download in any gadget you have. The awesome news is that it can be downloaded in several formats: windows media player, MPEG and flash player. There are 32 galleries in the website that has 120 pictures in each set. All of the pictures are in highest quality so you can really see their pussies and ass so ripped off by those large dildos and dongs they stack in. these full screen pictures so it’s like touching the real thing in person. Some of the pictures are from the video. And because this website promised exclusivity, you can only find these videos and pictures in this porn site. That’s worth all of your spending for the membership. Aside from the fantastic videos and photos, the site has a lot of extras such as 3rd party feeds, bonus sites, model index and live chat. Of course, being a member to this site will also give you access to the other websites within the network. It is such a no brainer deciding to join or not. The website has a model index so you can get to see who the members of the site are. You can also interact with the sexy porn stars through the live chat and they are very responsive. There are very good ratings from the users compared to other websites that have similar niche.

Website Content

As I’ve said earlier, these are no ordinary girls we have here. You won’t believe such giant objects can get inside a woman’s tight vagina. These girls just possess so much talent and raw sexual stamina to penetrate themselves with large black dongs, huge plastic cocks, extra size glass toys, and even a baseball bat! Yes, someone did insert a baseball bat inside of her. You can meet the sexy and intense Allison who after penetrating herself with her two fingers, an average size dildo, and then a large plastic and lastly a metal baseball bat. First, she let her dripping pussy lubricate the large edge of the baseball bat, and while standing, slowly let down herself swallowing half of the baseball bat inside her tight vagina. She fucked the baseball bat, penetrating further and further while rubbing her soft clit at the same time. At the end, she did achieve the overwhelming and shuddering orgasm. Not just Allison, but all the girls in Willsheexplode can just do a lot of awesome things to their dripping wet pussies. Some if it is quite impossible at first look, but damn they can really drill a plastic cock larger than a human fist inside their vagina and assholes. These porn stars can stretch their horny pussies and tight ass beyond imaginable by shoving intensely large objects inside their holes. It’s just amazing how these girls reach orgasm through large size penetration, it’s totally awesome their pussies and ass don’t rip off, it just stretches and stretches until it reaches its limit. Only by that time can these girls achieve orgasm.

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In Few Words

These girls will put to shame other porn stars with just how far they can stretch their pussies and assholes. I can’t wait to stream their videos and look what objects can they insert inside their holes. It is always exciting to watch these girls reaching their limits to achieve orgasm. No other women can go as far as these girls had already reached. As for me, I will never look at a household object, a baseball bat, and any phallic items the same way again. It makes me remember what these nasty girls can do to their dripping wet pussies and tight holes.

How much costs enter the WillSheExplode site?

  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $0.83/day
  • 3 months $0.67/day

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