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WankzVR provides fantastic HD porn videos that you can enjoy in virtual reality.


WankzVR Review

Website Intro

It is always amazing when porn websites try to introduce new technologies into porn videos. One of these new technologies is something we are quite certain that you may have heard of and that is the VR technology. So, for all those who don’t know what VR technology is, it is virtual reality. This is basically the use of technology to create a simulated environment.

Now imagine the use of this in porn videos. Wherein you will feel like you are the part of the act rather than just watching it. What if we told you that you will no longer need to imagine it? Well, you heard that right. Because now there is a porn site out there that exclusively has VR-based videos. And that is called WankzVR. We seriously believe that this is an awesome porn site. So, go on and read this review.

Website Layout

There is just something awesome about porn sites when they choose to have a very simple layout and design. It just looks so damn professional. The makers of this porn site had a very clear objective before they created this porn site and upon completion have successfully managed to achieve it. Even the colors they have opted for on this porn site are so cool looking. They have gone for colors such as black and gray. Now even, in theory, these two colors go so well with each other. On the porn site, they look just marvelous. Along with this, there are thumbnail of videos across the whole porn sites. And the start of the page has an awesome slideshow too, with some sexy chicks doing some sexy things.

Website Content

To begin this part of the review we would like to start off with the technical aspect of this porn site. As you may be aware of, this is quite a new porn site. It was launched very recently. So, as of this moment, there are about 30+ porn flicks for your viewing pleasure. Yeah, we know that this sounds like a miniscule number. But let us tell you that these guys at WankzVR are working day and night to ensure that they are providing you with new porn content on a regular basis.

But don’t you worry. What these guys have not yet made up in the quantity, have most certainly made up in quality and probably even more. So, all the porn flicks that you will find on this porn site are shot in HD. But that is not it. Some of these videos are even shot in 4K! Now, think about it, how often do you see this in your porn videos. Best part of all, you have the choice to either stream these videos online through the embedded flash player, or even choose to download these videos onto your personal devices in multiple formats. Which are either MP4 or M4V. But this awesomeness does not just end there. The resolution of these videos really dropped our jaw straight to the floor. These videos have a resolution of about 3200 x 1600 @ 9000+ kbps. We know that sounds too good to be true, but it is very much the truth. And again, it still does not just end there.

The makers of this porn site have really pushed themselves to the limit by also ensuring that they have given the viewers the option to download the videos which are compatible with individual devices. So, you will have video specifically for Oculus, Gear VR and smartphones. We know all this sounds too good to be true, but it is. Now that the technical part of this review is done and dusted with, shall we move on to a more entertaining part of this review? Yeah, we are talking about all the girls and the sexy booty that will be made available to you when you sign up to this porn site.

To begin with, we must speak about the VR technology. This is one of the finest out there and we love the fact that now even the porn industry is also switching to new technologies in the porn movies. However, with VR videos, there is hardly any room to make any error. Every video that can be watched with VR gear must be perfect because even the slightest mistake can be clearly visible. But, the guys at WankzVR have really done a fantastic job in each one of their videos. Literally, each one of their videos on this porn site is simply flawless. And let us tell you that we did try very hard to find flaws in each of their videos. Every video you watch on this porn site will make you feel as if you are not just watching a porn video but a part of that.

VR experience will really take away the mundane and boring part of watching porn videos from now. You will genuinely feel as if you are pounding that bitches’ pussy hard and if you want to get even dirtier, you will also feel as if you are the one pounding her asshole when the guy in the video pounds her asshole. The porn stars in these videos really manage to take the videos up to a whole new level, which means you will thoroughly enjoy each one of these videos.

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In Few Words

All in all, this is simply an awesome porn site. And we honestly could not ask for anything more from it. Everything on this porn site is simply flawless. Of course, the fact that we get to view these videos with VR gear really manages to take the porn viewing experience to a whole different level. Which is something we honestly love? The introduction of new technology in porn videos is always a great thing. To add to all of this is the fact that these videos on this porn site have an amazing quality, and their service is great. And of course, how can we ever forget the fact that the hottest girls on the internet will be found here! We believe these are just enough reasons for you to sign up to this porn site.

How much costs enter WankzVR site?

  • 1 month $19.99
  • 3 months $39.95
  • 1 year $79.95

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