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VirtualXPorn Review

Website Intro

An awesome hardcore porn site, VirtualXPorn offers realistic sex in POV format, which can be enjoyed with the help of a VR gear. VR stands for virtual reality, or augmented reality, which allows one to watch videos in a realistic manner with the help of appropriate goggles, known as gear. The popular gears used across the world include VR Cardboard, Google Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Samsung VR Smartphone.

All VR videos are produced and directed in the same format, and the videos in VirtualXPorn are no different either. You will find videos with 180-degree viewing, head tracking technology, in binaural sound, and shot in 3D. These technologies will give you a unique way of watching porn videos, which you will not get to see in normal porn videos.

VirtualXPorn will give you a great time watching porn videos, and since the porn is shot in POV format, you will find yourself an active participant in the entire scheme of things, and videos, and your jerk-off sessions will be on cloud nine. To understand why this is so, you should read this review provided below, so that you can take an educated decision about this awesome site.

Website Layout

There’s a lot of great things that this site presents to you. The overall design featuring a header, a scrolling slideshow, a handful of videos in the home page, samples of photo galleries, and the pornstars as well as the colour scheme, make this site awesome and very contemporary. A logo of VirtualXPorn is placed on the left, on the header. Links to the Homepage, Photos, Movies, Models, Join Now and Members are placed on the header.

The background of the header has a light grey background with black dots, all over the header. A scrolling slideshow offers a range of latest videos featuring the sexiest pornstars. You will find lesbian, solo masturbation, threesome and couple-sex. A brief description of VirtualXPorn is on the slideshow. A free trailer list is presented next, with the photos of sexy pornstars.

There is also a section on the upcoming videos with four videos in the list. Below this, you will find the latest videos in the Amateur, BBW, Big Breast, Big Butts, Big Cocks, Deepthroat and Facial categories. The videos are updated every week. A set of 8 videos is provided in a list. Each video has a set of 6 photos. On moving the cursor to the photos, double images of that particular photo are seen on the right, to give a 3D effect. On the top of each video, there is a title of the video, its runtime, the name of the model and the percentages of users who liked the video. A very brief description of the video is seen below these details, and a green link to watch a free trailer is placed below the description.

VirtualXPorn offers about 29 videos, which is a great number, considering that this site started only in 2016. There are about 32 photo albums, with an average of 125 photos in each album. There are more than a dozen pornstars, featuring in these videos. Moving the cursor over the pornstar’s photo gives you a brief description of the pornstar and what she is up to. There is a button titled, Read More, to know more about the sexy bitch. VirtualXPorn is great to subscribe, for it is very affordable. There are three separate plans for subscription, a monthly plan, a quarterly and an annual plan. The annual plan is the most affordable one, and will give you a significant discount, as compared to the monthly plan, to the extent of 58%. That’s a significant discount that you can enjoy by subscribing for the annual plan.

Website Content

The part of the review that you guys have been eagerly waiting for has finally arrived. It is time that you understand the kind of hot girls this awesome site features. These sluts have outstanding bodies that you will want to drool over. The sluts include redheads, brunettes, blondes and dark-haired ones, and you will love to fuck them hard. Let’s check out the bodies of the sluts. You will love them.

The chicks have an outstanding face, cute and sexy. Their boobs are stupendous, and you will want to fondle them. The nipples are lively and springy. Twist them or tweak them, you will love to hear them squeal and moan like a rat. Some sluts have pierced nipples, which you will love to pull. The pussies are either trimmed or clean shaven. Pink cunts are hungry to eat your cocks while the tight asses love to be invaded and drilled. The ass cheeks are soft like a cushion. Pounding her from behind protects you considerably. Waists are slim and you can hold them tightly while fucking her in doggy style.

The sluts love to suck your cocks, and give a blowjob or enjoy a deepthroat. When you watch this on your VR gear, you will simply love each minute of it, for you will feel that the slut is sucking your cock. Check out this video, Busty BBW MILF Fucked. The big breasted MILF featured here is Silvana. She has truly huge boobs, which you will want to take inside your mouth and suck her hard. She loves to stroke her cunt while sitting in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl style. Taking the cock into her pussy, she loves to suck and eat the cock, while swallowing a dick load of cum.

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In Few Words

To conclude, it must be mentioned that VirtualXPorn is an awesome site to subscribe to. VirtualXPorn has outstanding porn contents that will give you the best jerk-off experience. With the VR gear, you get a very clear picture of every activity in the video, with high-definition clarity. With a POV format, you get to enjoy porn like never before. Affordable to subscribe, you also get a free VR Cardboard gear if you pay by credit card, shipped to your doorstep at no cost by Verotel. Now, isn’t this an amazing deal?

How much costs enter VirtualXPorn site?

  • 1 month $19.95
  • 3 months $15.99/month
  • 1 year $8.33/month

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