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VideoFatties Review

Website Intro

Don’t you think slim chicks get a little too much credit just because of their weight? We don’t know about you guys but we think that skinny girls just get all the credit because of the media hype being provided to them through magazines, billboards, and other forms of advertisements. But what about heavier women? We find them attractive as well. In fact, we know of a lot of people who get turned on by hooking up with a fat chick – or just watching them get pounded on porn. Hence, we dedicated this porn site review to them. Today, we are going to review one of the biggest collections of fat porn on the internet. The porn site’s name is Video Fatties. According to the web site’s tagline, Video Fatties is the “web’s largest collection of downloadable BBW porn videos”. In all honesty, I thought that BBW meant big-boobed women when I first encountered the term, but as the porn sites to be reviewed kept coming, I finally understood that it actually stands for big beautiful women, and that’s just the most perfect way of defining the ladies here in this porn site – as big beautiful women who enjoy sex, probably even more than skinny girls do. Now let us move on to the site statistics. The Video Fatties porn site already contains hundreds of videos for their members to view, stream, download, and explore. But to add to that, as an additional membership perk, they will also provide you access to three bonus websites more all dedicated to BBW porn. Isn’t that great? This only means one thing: hundreds of hours more of watching BBW porn non-stop. Hence, we will not keep you waiting on the membership information anymore because we know that you are already waiting for it. There are three ways that you can sign-up for the site: a three-day option, a thirty-day option, and a ninety-day option. We know what you are going to say already: a three-day access to the site is not a main option, but a trial access. That’s what we thought as well at the start, but then we realized that they will actually give you full access to the site already. Your access though will only last for three days, but unlike the other porn sites, you are already going to enjoy the unlimited access to a premium member already. And this is actually one of the things that we really love about the porn site. No matter which membership option you choose, you will still get full access to the site and to the other three BBW porn sites, which is four porn sites in all, just by paying the price of one.

Website Layout

We do not mean to discriminate or offend anyone, but the look of their porn site just reminded us of food, and it’s not even because of the niche that this porn site serves. This is why we have apologized if ever someone out there will accuse us of stereotyping. The reason is probably because of their choice of colors which are brown and yellow. This is the overall theme of the Video Fatties porn site. And come to think of it, maybe we are right into thinking that it looks like food. Maybe that is really what the website designers were aiming for because of the theme. But we will never really know for sure, so let us just move on. Upon landing on the homepage, you are going to see a big banner. This banner contains a lot of different things: the photos of their hottest BBW pornstars, some valuable information about the porn site, and finally, clips displayed on a graphic of a video camera which aims to give you a sneak peek of what to expect from the Video Fatties porn site. Under the banner, you are going to see a simple navigation bar that links to three pages: the members page, the sign-up page, and the free tour page. After this, you will already see the different previews of their latest videos. These previews are presented through different-sized thumbnails that show you the most action-filled scenes in the video. You will notice that they are presented by featuring their plus-sized porn stars too. They are not really presented per movie, they are shown by model. In this light, each preview contains the models’ names as well, along with a short description of them. For instance: “she (will) spread her spare hips exposing the tight pink flower hidden in between them with no shame at all”.

Website Content

We know that there are still a lot of guys out there who don’t really appreciate fat chicks, and if you are one of these guys then we still suggest that you take a look because we believe that the pornstars on this website are just so beautiful that they would certainly change your mind. In fact, they are more refreshing to watch. They offer a different way of viewing and appreciating beauty. They truly defined the saying that weight is just a number. In fact, they can even perform better than some of those sulky-looking skinny chicks you usually see on porn. As for the videos, the quality of the resolution that you are going to see here is really impressive. All of them are in full high definition, and it’s obvious that really good equipment was used to shoot these videos, together with brilliant lighting.

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In Few Words

We applaud the ladies that are on this porn site. You truly serve as an inspiration to a lot of women, not only those who belong to the porn industry but in the whole world. You guys have proven that you don’t need to have a slimmer waistline to be sexy, that real hotness can be found within.

How much costs enter the VideoFatties site?

  • 3 days $7.95
  • 1 month $34.95
  • 3 months $59.95

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