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TryTeens Review

Website Intro

I have had a passion for fresh girls in porn for quite some time. Having depleted all the good porn sites, I really had to do a lot of digging to actually find one that I liked, and that was fortunately so when I stumbled upon tryteens, a site where fresh girls get penetrated in every hole, giving their innocent look another perspective, one that can seduce you and get you to orgasm in a matter of seconds.

Website Layout

Greeted by a black background of the front page, all the buttons and the letters stand out, giving you a nice start to work with, as it is easy to determine which one of them you would love to press. The models and videos are definitely the buttons of choice, right after the one that deals with joining the site. Well, the videos are sorted in a very user-friendly way, providing you with a number of filters, according to the popularity, the date, and the rating itself, which makes up for a nice way to choose a video. Although preferring to scroll about and actually look at all of the captions and all of the videos, I found that the site’s navigation is remarkably fast and responsive. Even when switching to my mobile phone and sliding up and down, it was really a good experience, everything being in tip-top shape, everything is optimized to the fullest, giving me the time to look at the girls, without having to worry about lag or any other nuisance.

Website Content

But the main reason I came to the site to start with, were the girls themselves. Oh, the first one I stumbled upon, really got me aroused, the moment I set my eyes on her. With her braided hair, two little braids on each side, she sat on her back with her legs spread widely in front of her, her pink wet pussy stretched out, and a giant dick was right beside her really opened ass, and by the look on her face, it wasn’t hard to deduce that she’d been riding that huge dick for a while. The best thing about the girls is that they all look innocent, with those puppy dog eyes, staring at the camera, which might seem like it could be the case, for the first few minutes of the videos. When they get on their knees and start sucking on cocks, you definitely realize that even though they might be innocent in a way, they are very passionate about sex, fucking and getting and giving satisfaction. With all the blonds, brunettes, redheads, black-haired girls, you have a tough choice ahead of you, so had I, though I chose to see at least one of each hair color, not wanting to discriminate any of them. Seeing all of them get their asses destroyed in full HD is another part of the experience, as is the very good membership plan. Talking about the membership, it is worth mentioning that you do have live camera chats, alongside fifty-three more web sites, all having videos that are at least twenty minutes long, all of them updated regularly.

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In Few Words

If I got my numbers straight, that means with fifty-four sites, tryteens being the fifty-fourth, all of them being updated weekly, it all adds up to a vast number of videos, and you could not, technically, run out of porn. Couple that up with the hardcore actions the chicks are up for, and the full HD videos and camera chats, and you have a load of porn to watch, one that will never disappoint you.

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