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Website Intro

These days, you don’t have to bother turning on the television or paying a lot of cash to find and fuck hot sluts. Why? Because they’re just out there, waiting for some hot lovin’! One such guy knows this too well and have already taken advantage of the fact that there are just as many horny girls as there are pussy-hungry men! I’m talking about Ray, the owner of the ever-popular premium amateur porn hub, TrueAmateurModels. Ray isn’t a professional photographer nor is he a porn star. But this dude has a thing for your typical everyday kind of girls that he’s dedicated a whole online portal to these first-timers he had the pleasure of meeting in malls, restaurants, bars, and along the streets in the US of A! That’s right, he just up and approached these sexy strangers, chatted with them a bit, and somehow managed to convince them to pose for him – naked! Lucky for Ray, these girls aren’t the least bit shy to expose their sexy parts in front of the camera. Some of these first-timers will even be so aroused, they’ll let Ray have a go with their tight pussy! TrueAmateurModels features lots of close-ups and nudes, and a great number of steamy sex scenes too. They’ve recently added more HD videos in their collection, alongside weekly gallery updates. It’s a 100% legit premium porn destination for those who love amateur girls getting hot and heavy, so it’s definitely worth a closer look. Unfortunately, there are no bonus sites to speak of, which means you’ll have to stick with this site alone to satisfy you and your dong. Don’t worry, though, because the girls and scenes you’ll get here at TrueAmateurModels are more than enough to keep your wallet and dick satisfied!

Website Layout

As you enter the website, you’ll immediately notice the straightforward and easily navigable website design of TrueAmateurModels. It has a dark blue theme, and the latest updates are found at the very center of the tour page. There’s a simple menu bar at the top of the page that provides easy access to some parts of the site, including a Testimonials page and the Members Area. Scroll down and you’ll immediately get a glimpse of some of the girls Ray has met, as they smile on the camera while exposing their pussies and asses. The content is generally divided into softcore and hardcore. Most of the content are photos, but Ray is striving hard to add more HD quality videos to their collection at least once or twice a week. The site could really use a search tool where members can type in a specific keyword or category so they can easily find what they need without having to browse through all the content. The site does have a models index, though, but it’s too basic and lacks pertinent information about the girls. What’s more, only the newer content come with date stamps. Most porn sites nowadays seem to focus more on digital stills and TrueAmateurModels is definitely steering towards this direction, too. The enormous amount of photos definitely overpower the videos, which is good news for the avid photo collector. And as expected, TrueAmateurModels has that homegrown amateur vibe to it. That doesn’t mean, however, that their collection of videos and photos is just as amateurish! In fact, the opposite is true for TrueAmateurModels, since they only provide their members with nothing less than quality average-to-HD amateur porn goodness.

Website Content

TrueAmateurModels is a safe haven for the folks who love horny and cock-hungry first-timers. Ray finds these amateurs simply irresistible and would go to great lengths to approach and convince them to pose for him – sometimes even more than that! It’s a steamy online destination that focuses on real amateurs who have no problems going naked in front of the camera, sometimes even giving handjobs or straight-up having sex with Ray. I’m talking about real, ordinary chicks that you could bump into at the mall or along a busy street. Those are where our pussy-loving buddy, Ray, gets to meet his chicks. Some of the girls are also friends of Ray’s buddies and once this dude sets his eyes on the chick, he’ll get in touch with her and somehow persuade her to pose for him. And I don’t mean just a simple touching! The scenes here at TrueAmateurModels mostly consist of girls getting naked and giving voyeurs an excellent view of their tits and pussies. There’s a lot of steamy conversation before the real action begins but once the girl relaxes and gets all horny, pussies get wet, hands get wrapped around huge cocks, and mouths get filled with cum. Sometimes, things go even further, with the girl getting licked and dicked raw by Ray as he takes pictures and videos of the hardcore action! Ray seemed to have focused more on sharing racy photos for a very long time but these days, horndogs are more into videos. Making sure not to disappoint anyone, he’s now doing his very best to add more HD videos into the list. Ray is quick to learn how to produce such great porn films with his trusty handheld, all of which have that homegrown amateur feel his fans love. Ray’s skills in filming and editing have greatly improved over the years, despite being a one-man team. The films appear to be some sort of shoestring budget scenarios, but with pretty decent viewing quality. Most of the action happen in his bedroom and living room. Of course, lighting isn’t professional but all the videos are well-lit, allowing you to see every bit of arousing detail that will have you beating your meat. You can choose to download the videos in Windows Media file format, up to a stunning 720p. They have great quality playback so you’ll have a smooth porn-viewing experience. Some of the older videos may have a slightly lower viewing quality but they’re nevertheless a pleasure to watch. TrueAmateurModels also gives you the option to stream the films in Silverlight, which is pretty much the equivalent to Flash. It works fine but you might have to install the Silverlight software first (if you still haven’t). For the folks who love to collect photos of their favorite models in raunchy scenes, TrueAmateurModels have a wide selection of photos that are just as raw as the videos. Most of them appear more professionally done than the videos, and with high resolution. You can browse the galleries online. Sadly, there’s no option to save them in ZIP files yet, which I hope would be added into the site for a better and more convenient user experience.

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In Few Words

It’s amateur fucking goodness here at TrueAmateurModels. It’s hard to miss this porn hub that’s been around for well over a decade; with their healthy servings of sizzling hot amateur girls and models stripping and exposing their pussies – sometimes even getting a good fuck! The girls’ innocence are definitely coming through, but they wish nothing more than to be in front of the camera, give a mind-blowing handjob or blowjob to our newbie-loving porn host Ray – and possibly even going further than that! It’s an honest-to-goodness niche porn site with real amateurs getting picked up off the streets in the US. The girls featured at TrueAmateurModels are gorgeously stunning. Some of them are complete camwhores who’ll do just anything to gain everyone’s attention and get dicks hard! The photos and videos are just as good as the girls, although there clearly is a need to add more films into the fold. Rest assured, though, that Ray is always on the lookout for more pussies to expose and get rammed by his cock. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and feel a lot like the lucky bastard Ray here at TrueAmateurModels!

How much costs enter the TrueAmateurModels site?

  • 1 month $24.95
  • 2 months $39.95
  • 3 months $59.95

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