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TrikePatrol Review

Website Intro

In the website Trike Patrol, you will find some guys wandering the streets of Philippines, picking up hot Filipina girls in a three wheeled vehicle, seducing them and then taking them back to their hotel to make love with them. The entire action is fun-filled and does make way for great viewing. There are several porn websites in the online world who deal with the same concept, but the difference here is that there is no fornication taking place inside the vehicle. The guys just wander to different parts of Philippines, interact with hot girls near pubs or bars or even night clubs and offer them money in exchange for sex and also a ride back to the hotel. Inside the vehicle the guys seduce the girls and when you watch the videos you will come across those cheesy lines which these guys say to impress these hot sizzlers. Speaking of sizzling girls, in this website you will find a host of them, all having naturally beautiful faces and stunning bodies. If you have little idea about the girls from this part of the world, this website will give you a good collection and will make you understand how hot they actually are. These are real girls and not porn stars and there is nothing artificial about their peculiarities. There are many people who have catered to this website and its contents and most of them have given positive comments in its regards. The website has been functional for quite some time and in its span of service, has managed to make quite a name for itself! When I first visited this porn portal it appeared to be laded with lots of steamy contents. The pictures appeared to be clear and sharp and the actions looked intense. However one thing I liked about the website during my stay was that it gets frequent updates. There are numerous porn portals that provide great contents but because of its lesser number of updates, fail to attain a bigger number of viewers and members. But this website has that aspect covered and rather well, if I may add. It gets updated constantly every week and that is great for the future of the website. It means that every time you enter the website, you are sure to find fresh contents lined up for your eyes and dicks. All the menu bars and the navigation panels were properly displayed and so I did not have any problems touring the website. The set up was simple and so even if you are not well-equipped in handling the internet, you can access the website without any issues. Coming to the videos, they are meticulously shot covering all the aspects. This is one of the strongest points about the website. The guys who are responsible for the videos have to be applauded for their efforts. Their attention to even the tiniest of details shows their dedication towards their viewers and their professionalism towards their job. They keep the scenes lively and real and even make sure that the conversations which take place among the actors both before as well as in the fuck sessions are clearly captured. The cameras which they employ are also state of the art and so you can rest assured that the quality of the videos is also going to be top-notch. Most of the action takes place in the red light region of Philippines and even the incidents where guys approach the girls, offer them a ride back to their hotel and give them money to have sex with them are also captured efficiently. As these girls enter enclosed rooms, the real action beings! These girls may not be professional actors but as soon as the cameras start rolling, they will be seen seductively coming out of their pooled attires and lunging on their male lovers to tango with them. They will be seen sucking cocks dry, taking hard dicks into their glory hole, sitting on top of them and allowing their sex partners to touch their boobs and twist their nipples. They will also be seen taking cum shots straight at their faces, some even inside their mouths. There are some girls who may not agree with the hard-core fucking and so they will be seen doing soft-core sex involving tongue smooching, ass and pussy licking, boob sucking and many more. But most of the action is hard-core and so you will find your stay a pleasant one.

Website Layout

You will find the website extremely easy to handle. The menus and options are clearly given at the head of the home page and by clicking on them you can go to any portion of the website you feel like. Options such as latest comments, ads, the top videos and also the model index make your job easier. The website’s user interface is also very good and will allow you to search whatever you want to in just a blink of an eye. The design is also alluring and if it’s your first time here, then it will surely catch your eyes,. The membership methods are also very simple. You just have to click on the sign up area and you will be taken to the place where you need to enter your information. That page also has the subscription packages and choosing the one which is suitable for your needs, you can set up your account.

Website Content

This website will give you a taste of how hot Filipina girls can actually be. There are plenty of hot bombshells lined up for you to check out. The website provides a model index which you can use to find details and videos about the model you like. These girls are not porn stars but real girls picked up from Philippines bars, red light area and also night clubs. Last time I checked there were close to 300 girls in the website and the number would have probably increased by now considering the kind of updates which the website gets. The website offers about 360+videos and most of them are in HD formats. The most recent ones are in 1280×720 pixels. The older ones will be in lesser formats but they still make way for good viewing. The sound quality of the videos is also stunning enabling you to hear even those subtle words said by the actors. The pictures are as good as the videos. They too are shot with the latest cameras and appear crisp and crystal clear. However one issue with the website is that it does not allow you to download them into your desktop/laptop. You can watch them directly online using a flash media player.

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In Few Words

The Trike Patrol definitely offers great contents to its viewers. The videos are in HD formats and with the number of updates which it gets, you won’t have to worry about shortage of quality action. The subscriptions are also cost-effective and will give you good value for money. So log into them and sign up for an account immediately.

How much costs enter the TrikePatrol site?

  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95
  • 1 year $99.95

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