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TonightsGirlfriend Review

Website Intro

There are some special sites online that offer only access to the site you are registering on. Some of these sites are just scams, while others actually provide you with real exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else. The TonightsGirlfriend (as you would’ve already guessed) is among the second group. They’re not just exclusive videos, but they also represent the daydreams, the fantasies of billions of men. Many porn watchers have thought about what he would do if he had enough money to pay for a luxury whore or even for his favorite pornstar. The guy in the videos is the one who had the money and the opportunity to fuck gorgeous pornstars in his hotel room. Naturally, the videos are all scripted, though the girls are all using their pornstar aliases to make the experience more full. The videos are offering you a full story, with a beginning, where the parties talk a bit, then the girl changes her clothes according to the wishes of the guy, then they get it on. The sex is good to watch and real hardcore. The movies on TonightsGirlfriend are sorted into different categories: the vanilla is for the normal porn scene, the kinky always contain something taboo-like, the dominating and the submissive are evident (they are two separate categories) and the role-playing porn offers some kinky and some fetish too. The TonightsGirlfriend is one of the so called Naughty America Presents sites, which means that this is excluded from the main network, and it’s a standalone entity. Some people may frown on this, but they don’t know that the videos here are exclusive, original scenes captured in cinematic 1080p Full-HD. Naturally there are some bonuses, since you can access live feeds, interactive chat and archived NaughtyAmerica live shows; if you have a Roku box or stick, you may even enjoy the videos on the big screen.

Website Layout

When you arrive at the home page of TonightsGirlfriend, you will notice that it’s a well-built and an overall very sophisticated site. In the right upper part of the page you can find the menu, which can take you the video categories, the models list and you can login on register of course. The rest of the page is a nicely built list of thumbnails. You can get some information about the videos by clicking on the thumbnails, and you can watch some nice trailers. The mobile version of TonightsGirlfriend carries the sign of professionalism, and it offers the same features and the same high quality as the desktop version. This is also true for the videos, you can watch them in their full potential on your smart phone or tablet too. Take note that the trailers are not opening in the browser, they are downloading and you can use whatever video player you want to open them. All scenes are available in an online stream; you can enjoy all of them in the embedded player. There are various quality settings, but if you have a good connection and a good machine, you should watch the videos in their best, the cinematic 1080p resolution.

Website Content

TonightsGirlfriend is a professional website with hardcore sex and gorgeous models. The women you will find in the movies of TonightsGirlfriend are all professional stars of the NaughtyAmerica, so here is what you could expect from them: amazing body, nice tits and ass, and very good performance. Though the girls are all pornstars, you won’t find them to be all the same, and while most of them are Caucasians, you can find busty Latina and Asian girls among them too. Those who are fans of fake tits will certainly appreciate the accessories of these models, because some of them have huge ones. Another part of the girls have those nice, big natural breasts that makes a man stone hard, and when they put on their show, they look really amazing. For example, among the girlfriends, you will find Mia Malkova, a really cute and seemingly all-natural girl, who looks great in that white lingerie she put on in her video, and the guy gets really lucky, because this spectacular cutie does a really nice job, playing the submissive girl. As for the other type, take a look at Aleksa Nicole, who is a gorgeous Latina with big fake tits, and on the TonightsGirlfriend, you can watch her role playing, and she gets a nice thorough pounding. On the TonightsGirlfriend, you can enjoy a nice and growing collection of hardcore porn. The scenes are sorted into five different categories, depending on what kind of clothes the girls wear, and what’s their role is. The most evident category is the Vanilla Porn, where they put the normal sex scenes, where the girls are playing themselves, and the guy’s main wish is to fuck them. The Kinky Porn videos cover some of the forbidden topics: in one of the videos, the guy gets a rim job not just a normal blowjob. It’s certain that the Role Playing Porn is going to satisfy the needs of those who ever dreamt of fucking that spectacular secretary from that office on the fourth floor. In the videos sorted in the Dominating porn, the guy gets dominated by the pornstars, while the movies under the Submissive category feature the guy’s domination over the girls. Usually the scenes have a main frame, so they fit to the site: the girls knock on the door, the guy talks with them a bit, pays them, and then they change their outfit in the bathroom. Then, they start.

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In Few Words

Being a member of TonightsGirlfriend gives the impression of luxury. The original, exclusive videos are only available here, and the quality they are represented in is fantastic. The folks behind the scenes have done an excellent job, because all encounters are well-written, the stage, the setup and the lighting is superb. All girls are looking great, and they are not overplaying their part. When you get tired of the fake, unbelievably bad porn movies you may find on those tubes and scammy sites, remember that the TonightsGirlfriend is always available if you want to watch something that represents quality.

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  • 3 days at $1.95
  • 1 month at $24.95
  • 1 year at 9.85/month

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