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TheLuckyMan Review

Website Intro

Porn, in recent times, has lost its relevance because it has ceased to be realistic. Even mainstream media, including superhero movies, are no more realistic and most of the stories are not believable anymore. The biggest problem with porn is that most videos that you watch are some kind of fetish or kink that you may have fantasized. Fantasies are important because one can watch only so much of sex and an overdose of anything in porn makes it a dull prospect to watch. This is the reality that porn needs to realize – it is no different from that of a movie, and it tends to take you into a realm of escapism. Porn is meant to take you into this realm of escapism where you live a dream full of fantasies without having to worry about any barriers that exist.

There are a number of porn sites that offers to take you out into the realm of escapism and this is where TheLuckyMan comes to your rescue. Your visit to this site is sure to give you a fountain of fantasy for your viewing pleasure and at a very meagre amount, you can be sure that you are paying for something worth its while. There are various reasons why this website makes it cut. In this review, we will examine two basic elements that go into making a quality porn site. The first of these two elements is the design and features and the other is the girls and videos, the content that makes it enjoyable to watch such porn. What sets TheLuckyMan apart is the niche / genre that it caters to. TheLuckyMan is an exclusive reverse gang bang site. Gang bang is a genre that has one chick getting her pussy and asshole fucked with multiple cocks, while reverse gang bang is the opposite of this – one lucky guy gets to fuck 5-6 hot girls, bringing them all to orgasm simultaneously.
In this review, both of these aspects of TheLuckyMan will be analyzed.

Website Layout

The design of a website involves several different components. One of these components is how the videos have been laid out in the homepage of the site. Getting bombarded with tens of videos is not going to make your experience very nice, as this can be disorienting and can potentially result in you not getting the sort of results that you want from your porn site. TheLuckyMan does a great job at spacing the videos out, giving you little taste of the best content that this site has to offer without bombarding you with all of the content in one go.

Additionally, the color scheme of this website is certainly something to be appreciated. You can really get a feel for how much effort has been put into the website when you realize that in spite of the fact that the creators of the site opted for a bright color scheme, the colors never get in the way of the porn. Rather, they create a pleasant backdrop to watch your porn in, which is always a good thing. The site has much to offer in addition to videos. You can shop for merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts and other stuff, and watch photographs.

Paid subscriptions will give you much more in terms of downloading them to your computer and viewing them at your convenience or watch them streaming on your laptop. While you can opt for a two-day free trial to get a feel of what the site has to offer, you can sign up for monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions, based on your preference. The best, however, is the annual subscription that definitely does not burn a hole in your pocket. Any subscription, whether monthly, quarterly or annual, gives you free access to a host of sites on the PornstarNetwork, about 50 of them to keep your kinks, fantasies and fetishes alive and kicking.

Website Content

What you will find attractive about this site are the girls and videos. Given that this is an exclusive reverse gangbang site, particular emphasis has been paid to the alpha male seducing women and making them subservient. This category of porn will not offer you too much variety because the only thing that you will find the guy doing is fuck 5-6 women simultaneously. In spite of this handicap, TheLuckyMan has managed to keep you glued to your screens by creatively and effectively bringing in a fantasy theme around each porn video. This ensures that you do not get bored while watching such porn videos. A lot of effort has been put into making sure that the videos are created to the very highest standards.

The videos are very well shot using pretty expensive cameras. The backgrounds, music and fantasy themes do gel very well with each other. The chicks and girls are hot, and thoroughly professional, and so is the stud. The stud really knows how to make the women fall weak in their knees, urging him to fuck them, while lustily sucking the other girls’ nipples, eating and fingering pussies. Particular praise must also be given to this website for its choice of certain actors and actresses that make the porn far better than it would have been otherwise. Pretty much everyone is familiar with how frustrating it is when your boner is killed by a bad performance by a porn star. You don’t have to worry about this at all with TheLuckyMan, as all the porn stars know what they are doing and are not only enjoying themselves but also put a very genuine show for you – from cum-swapping to eating pussies to getting pussies fucked, the acting is genuine and real and this enhances your viewing experience.

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In Few Words

So, the review bares it all, like the females of the site. It is cheap on your pocket, offers amazing porn with some of the best looking girls and females in the porn industry. With a hunk to satisfy hungry pussies, your fantasies are sure to come to life and you are bound to see yourself in the hunk’s place fucking these gorgeous ladies. With additional sites to enjoy, you are sure to get a great bargain on subscribing. Get ahead to sign up for TheLuckyMan and fantasize yourself to be TheLuckyMan in your dreams to fuck the girls of your choice simultaneously.

How much costs enter TheLuckyMan site?

  • free trial
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95
  • 1 year $7.45/month

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