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SweetExGirlfriends Review

Website Intro

Man, oh man, I just love a good scandal. More so, when they involve slutty ex girlfriends and the likes. The World Wide Web sure has it going when it comes to publicizing the downright nasty and it is all thanks to those angry ex boyfriends or present boyfriends who just cannot help but be proud of his sex life. The Internet is basically a home for a lot of people, including trolls, horny people, and just people in general. A little problem and we turn to the inter webs to shed light on our current predicament. The point is, the world runs on the Internet. For majority of the world’s population, the Internet is their fuel to get on through with life. We all know that the World Wide Web is not private and that sooner or later someone is going to hack that perfectly walled profile you have just created on a few social media sites. The same applies to sex tapes.

Why do I say that? Well, when you are silly enough to capture a sex tape during your hardcore sex hustle, chances are, that thing is either going to get snatched, get hacked, or worse, present or ex boyfriend could upload it somewhere where the entire world could see and it would all be too late. Before you realize it, you are already a star of a site called SweetExGirlfriends. Why do people do this? Revenge, maybe? Or maybe this is all staged and made to look as if they are a bunch of amateurs dealing with their first ever sex tape. No matter the reason and no matter the incident that happened, it is still rather funny and it does catch one’s attention.

I, for one, enjoy watching such ordeals and what do you know? They actually look hardcore enough to warrant an important jack off moment. Seems so, Pimp Boss knew exactly what it was doing when it came up with the site, SweetExGirlfriends. At first it may seem and sound like your usual egotistical and revenge seeking porn site where you upload photos and videos of your ex girlfriend doing the deed with you or some other random guy but it really is not all that. Sure, it is but not everything. Sometimes, the girls seem to be doing all the uploading, maybe to boost their sex careers and all. Nevertheless and no matter what the reason, the general public still enjoys the good old fucking happening in front of their screens. SweetExGirlfriends will give you so much more than you expected when it comes to adult videos. Not only does it focus on amateur made videos, it also has a high streak of hardcore-ness and a little bit of soft core on the side. It does not only feature videos but photos as well. This porn site is a mixture of everything that has anything to do with porn and I am glad that Pimp Boss decided to push through with it. SweetExGirlfriends has been around since February 2010 and has quite the content to be proud of. If you are itching to find an influx of amateur girls engaging in hardcore action, then this is the site to be.

Website Layout

The website design for SweetExGirlfriends is something that popped out of a watercolor art with its blue background, pink sub backgrounds, white and black fonts, and the myriad of photo collages that grace the main page. Yet despite of the colorful ensemble it possesses, the content itself is what catches your attention the most. The site is an all exclusive porn site but there are still a few that you could find on some parts of the internet but that does not really matter because you could actually count the number of videos that escaped the wrath of exclusivity.

You will need to be a premium member in order for you to access all the given features of the site and if you are not too sure of what decision to make, there is a limited access for one buck, but again, it is limited and really not worth anything if you ask me. I would suggest moving on to a monthly membership and enjoy the perks of being a premium member. You get unlimited access and you get lots of freebies. Well, to begin our little tour, we see tons of video thumbnails and video caps in the main page and by clicking on any of these, you get automatically transported to the corresponding video.

There are more than 2000 photo galleries found in the site itself and inside are 40 hi resolution photos which can be downloaded in zip files or individually. The resolution goes up to 1600 x 1200 and even higher. There are a lot of things to be done in here including rating the videos, as well as leaving comments on them for other people to see. You also get to enjoy the free live bonus feeds that the site offers generously. Sadly, there is a lack of browsing tools in the site but with a lot of things to be looking forward to, it can easily slip your mind.

Website Content

It is tough trying to pick out one girl from the other in this website. Sure enough, these ladies are amateurs but it does not seem like they are anyone’s cheating ex girlfriend or highly horny current girlfriend. The videos may look homemade but they are just really amateur porn shot by not so amateur people. The qualities of the videos may vary but majority of the newer ones are totally HD and even go as far as 1920 x 1080 px while the older ones may go to 1280 x 720 px. The really old ones though are a bit worn down but still decent. These videos can be downloaded in several different formats or watch in browser using a flash player.

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In Few Words

With the number of content this site has, you will spend months and months here. Also, their updates are happening daily so you never run out of fapping material.

How much costs enter SweetExGirlfriends site?

  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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