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SpermGlazed Review

Website Intro

Hey guys! Have you ever wondered, where are these very good, unique and/or interesting sites that I can fap to? Look no further! There’s this site that really fits right to the bill! So without further ado, let’s talk about this amazing porn site that I just fapped to: SpermGlazed! So what’s so unique and good about it? SpermGlazed is a site where you get to see your favorite pornstars get covered in cum (now you know why the site is named like this). If you love watching pornstars get soaked and covered in cum (just like me), then this site is for you! These girls, I mean these girls man, they take it to the next level, even just with the blowjobs or them massive blowbangs. They will suck cocks and take it down their throats, simply for one aim: to be completely covered in cum! You will see hot girls like Missy Monroe, Mika Tan, and Tia Tanaka (and so many more) get “glazed” in cum!

Website Layout

First off, you’ll be welcomed by a page asking you a bunch of stuff like if you’re not against nude pics and vids or at least 21 years of age, which is probably irrelevant ‘cuz hell, you visited to watch porn in the first place! Here, you do the obvious: click on the “Enter Spermglazed” button! Afterwards, a slideshow of cum-covered beauties is shown. A list of the most famous pornstars is then shown, then a preview of their new videos, hand-picked by the site owner, follows. Just with these you can already see the quality of the site. This site has everything you want for a porn site! You want hardcore pics? Just click on the “photosets” section and bam! You get to see the hottest shots you will ever see on the whole wide web, like, you can fap and cum just by using the pics!

Now, pics are good, but videos are on a totally different level. You can get turned on by how they look, but you’ll cum faster just by listening to their moans! Like man! It’s insane how much of a turn on these are! See and listen to these gorgeous, horny pornstars as they pleasure, get pleasured and banged, and you’ll get the fap of your lifetime! There’s also this button where you get to see all the newest additions, if you have already seen those old pornstars, try clicking on the “all updates” tab, and you get to see the newest additions. Go check it out! You get all of these when you become a member of the site! Once you become a site member, you get to download up to 50,000 videos and countless penis-raising pics! Not only that, your membership in this site gives you access to 50, count it, 50 other adult sites as well! And it’s not just any other porn site, it’s sites like EuropeHotties and LexSteele! Talk about a sweet deal! And to every good cake, there’s always icing. This site’s icing is it’s store, where you can see merchandise such as DVDs of your favorite videos, a live cam show where you get to see amateurs go down the wire as well, and porn mags, not the mild ones like in Men’s Health or something (those are real softcore, derp), you get to see subscribe to them real porn mags, like “Seduced by a Cougar” or “Horny and Aroused”

Website Content

This site’s got a ton of pornstars to choose from. In fact, sometimes I go into trouble with who I’m picking! I could choose the hot directress Jenna Haze, who also stars in her own videos and knows how to glue your eyes to the screen and fap away using really good camera angles and sex positions, or the Latina bombshell Rebecca Linares (damn, why are Latinas really hot? xD), or the sultry brunette vixen Dakoda Brookes, who can make you cum just with her crazy technique, or Sasha Grey, one of the top pornstars of the adult video industry, and the girl I just fapped to. I mean damn! She’s got the looks, she’s smokin’ hot, she’s got the moves, and she’s smokin’ hot!

Watch as all of these girls (and many, many more) get pleasured and get covered in cum! See their pics, all the poses that makes you horny, all the angles that make them smokin’ hot bodies look even hotter, and those shots that are close to perfection, turns you on and drives you home! Or watch the videos to make the experience even better! You can see the videos in low resolution, for when you have bad internet connection or something, or high resolution, for when you want to get the experience of a lifetime! It all depends on what’s convenient for you. And remember, once you become a member, you get to download all the videos from the site!

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In Few Words

SpermGlazed has blown other porn sites off the water with its quality and depth (pun intended). It showcased the intense beauty of smokin’ hot girls covered and glazed in cum. The website it pretty easy to navigate as well, with the important things emphasized with it’s size and eye-catching quality (again, pun intended). Sections are neatly arranged and you can easily locate what you’re looking for. And the amount of content is just, wow! 50,000 videos and much more hot pictures in one site? I mean really? And they’re not just low-quality videos and pics, it’s like the best you can get in quality. Featuring the best pornstars the world has to offer as well, getting glazed and whatnot, there’s just this allure about girls getting glazed that drives me crazy. The additional features were, as I said, icing on the cake, the cream on the pie. Overall, the site is a 10 for me, ‘cuz, you know, 100/10 is equal to 10 (oooh, meth). By the way, why the heck are you still reading this? Go out there and go to SpermGlazed now!

How much costs enter the SpermGlazed site?

  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95
  • 1 year $7.45/month

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