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SoapyMassage Review

Website Intro

Great sexy massage porn site to enjoy, SoapyMassage is not something you should be missing out because here you will find the hottest Asian girls (with the occasional others who are clearly of different ethnicities) who love to go down and dirty in the most pleasant ways possible. These Asian ladies slather soap all over them and then proceed to rub their very own bodies onto their customer’s backs and fronts and as if that is not enough of a kinky gesture, they then proceed to give the men rightful tug jobs and blow jobs. Of course, such action always ends up in some seriously hardcore fucking. SoapyMassage belongs to the Fantasy Massage network and was launched way back in August 2007. At the peak of its greatness, niches that include reality porn, hand jobs, blow jobs, and hardcore sex are the elements that make up this site beautifully.

Website Layout

With an organized site interface and an energetic site design, SoapyMassage is easy to navigate. The site has a simple but straightforward navigation system while its site interface remains beneficial to all the members of their site. Not only that, they managed to have the site well kept and orderly. Links are found on the top most part of the site, sitting on a menu bar just below the site’s lewd banner.

On the side, you will see another menu bar but that is the categories toolbar you could use when you want to sort out the content easily. Speaking of which, as far as browsing may go, you will not have access to an advanced search bar but you do get even more helpful options like the categories toolbar I just mentioned, the pagination link found on each page, and the ability to sort out content using their dates, titles, ratings, popularity, and number of views. In addition, there are content tags to help you track other scenes with the same genre.

The site also hosts several photo sets that amount to at least 250 galleries in number. Each set consists of 60 to 70 photos inside that are all in hi-res and have a dimension of 1280 x 960. You can download the galleries in zip files or simply just view them in your browser via slideshow. SoapyMassage does not just limit itself to videos and photos, they also have live cam shows and some bonus sites you can access for free. These bonus sites are definitely as hardcore and are under the Fantasy Massage network.

Website Content

SoapyMassage has around 160+ models that will surely make your day. The ladies are mostly Asian but it just does not end at that since you also get a few girls who are ethnically diverse. Nevertheless, it would seem like these girls have one thing in common and it is the fact that they love to give down sexy and sudsy rubdowns on male customers that frequent them.

The theme of the site is not what you would refer to as unique since there are plenty out there with the same idea but SoapyMassage is an absolute delight to be in since their scene delivery is way better than any out there. What starts off as something totally decorous and proper for a massage parlor turns naughty and nice with these masseuses slathering soap all over their gorgeous bodies and then rubbing it off on their customers’ body. The body on body rubdowns are gratifying and simply erotic to watch, with the cameras taking the scene in all angles that will make your body tingle with excitement.

With probably over 300 videos in the site, most of which last for at least 20 minutes each, you have enough to last for a long time but their updates, although a little inconsistent at this point, are doing rather well when it comes to putting up new stuff every now and then. The scenes can be watched by streaming them on your browser with an embedded flash player – make sure it has been recently updated to the latest version – while maintaining a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. You can also opt to download the files in MP4 or WMV formats. Saving it in an MP4 format will give you that same 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution while the WMV format will give you a lesser spec of 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. Now, the older ones may have even lower resolutions but they are pretty much very decent when it comes to video quality. There is no download limit, plus the videos you see here can only be watched in SoapyMassage alone.

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In Few Words

SoapyMassage has a great thing going on in here and you would immediately see that even in their tour site. Actually, once you get in and get acquainted with the real thing, you would see how better everything else inside is. Above anything else, the quality of the content, may it be the videos or the photos, is remarkably glorious in all aspects. The content count of the site is beyond satisfactory and with the way updates are going on at this point, you will have new things to check out soon enough. Each scene is delivered with lewdness in mind so you are bound to get the hardcore stuff all the time. SoapyMassage is something I would certainly recommend specifically if you are huge fan of the whole massage theme. Not only are you going to get quality, hardcore stuff in here, the bonuses are on fire and the features of the site are impressive and highly regarded.

How much costs enter SoapyMassage site?

  • 3 days $2.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $22.98/month
  • 1 year $7.95/month

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