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ShilpaBhabhi Review

Website Intro

One of the finest reality sex sites offering homemade porn is ShilpaBhabhi. Kinky Shilpa and her horny husband, Raghav, star as the protagonists of this awesome site. Shilpa and Raghav shoot their intimate sex lives for our kinky pleasures, showing the stuff they are made of, fucking with gay abandon. Shilpa is awesomely beautiful, sexy and has outstanding stats and measurements, which can get you a hard-on instantly on seeing her naked.

ShilpaBhabhi takes you on a voyeuristic journey, through the sex lives of Shilpa and Raghav, and you will appreciate the intimacy and passion this sexy amateur slut shares with Raghav. That’s the key ingredient, which makes ShilpaBhabhi such a great site to own and enjoy. For your benefit, we have compiled a comprehensive review, which will give you a detailed analysis of why ShilpaBhabhi should be subscribed to, and what you will gain in return for subscription. Of course, what you will receive by subscription is a bygone conclusion, but by reading this review, you will gain a deeper understanding of ShilpaBhabhi and get to know its intricacies. Get ahead to reading this review.

Website Layout

ShilpaBhabhi has implemented a wonderful look and feel for its site, and the creators have brainstormed considerably to arrive at something, which is truly out of this world. A lot of thought has gone into choosing the colour scheme, the organization of the page, the selection of colours for the logo, the implementation of the collage and every minute details. One of the finest aspects of ShilpaBhabhi is its great background. Featuring a light grey background with white floral patterns, the background looks excellent, professional and exquisite. The background is unobtrusive and allows you to have a distraction-free viewing of the videos. There are other colours that have been used very judiciously across the site, and include pink and purple, in addition to grey, black, green and trances of yellow. The pink and purple colours are used extensively for highlighting various features.

Pink is used in the header, for the placing the links to various pages. There are only three links, the home, the videos and members. A green box to the right links you to the subscription page. The collage at the top will give you an instant hard-on because it shows Shilpa in the kinkiest positions. You will find Shilpa naked, giving her nipples to Raghav to suck, fondling her breasts, and giving a titty fuck to Raghav. This is excellent stuff, especially when you can find out how sexy Shilpa is, when she is naked. There is a beautiful description of what this couple can do and how Shilpa, a shy slut, changes once she gets into the mood, and performs so beautifully on camera that you will be left speechless.

There are about three photos of Raghav and Shilpa in very intimate poses. The best part of the description is the white box, featuring the stats about Shilpa. Her measurements, her favourite sex position, her wild fantasy and other details are mentioned in here. We shall check out the measurements later in the next section on Girls and Videos. In the main section, all videos are placed on purple boxes. These boxes have a caption for the video, a link to watch the full video, and the number of likes and views complete the features on the purple boxes. Clicking the link or the video takes you to a new page where you can watch a one-and-a-half-minute trailer of the video. Finally, before we end this section, we shall check out the affordability of ShilpaBhabhi. ShilpaBhabhi is a very affordable site, for it gives you a non-recurring annual plan, which gives you a significant discount over all other plans, be it recurring or non-recurring.

Website Content

ShilpaBhabhi will surely get your cock wagging the moment you watch a trailer. Before we describe a video, check out Shilpa’s measurements, fantasy and favourite sex position. Shilpa’s measurements read 36B-28-34. You must be aware, 36B is the most perfect bust measurement for any chick. At 36-in. the boobs look awesome, and perfect for groping and fondling. You will also want to rest your head over the boobs, and use it as your personal pillow. The 28-in. waist makes her look slim and slender. The dark navel sitting prettily on the slender waist looks excellent. It makes awesome support when you fuck her in doggy style. The final measurement 34 indicates her butt size. At 34-in. the ass looks exquisite. Perfect for spanking, biting, kissing and using it as a cushion while fucking in doggy style, Shilpa has the perfect body for the most perfect fuck of your life.

Check out a video trailer, and you will realize how awesome this site is. Of course, in all the videos, the two characters you see are Shilpa and Raghav. But what sets these videos apart is that there is a level of intimacy and passion between Shilpa and Raghav, and this is very evident in the way they initiate their sex sessions. There are no scripts whatsoever, and everything is naturally done, whether it is a sensuous dance on their anniversary, or Shilpa seducing Raghav wearing only a towel and taking him to the bathroom. Such amazing scenes can never be enjoyed when porn is scripted. This is an amazing video which starts with Raghav naked and setting his camera at the right spot for giving a perfect view of them having sex. Shilpa comes in a lacy red lingerie. Raghav lies down on the bed, only for Shilpa to stroke him gently, giving him soft kisses. As she strokes Raghav’s cock, he squeezes her boob, sending her into a tizzy. She removes her lingerie, to show off her perfect boobs. She kisses him all over his body and strips her white panty, and sucks Raghav’s cock hard. After a round of hot cock sucking, Raghav fucks Shilpa in missionary and other styles.

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In Few Words

We have a great porn site with ShilpaBhabhi. The performances are natural, and Shilpa will remind you of the days when you were freshly married and spent your time fucking your wife or partner. If you have got this thought in your mind, then ShilpaBhabhi has successfully done its job, in keeping you attracted to it for a long time.

How much costs enter ShilpaBhabhi site?

  • 1 day $5.95
  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $29.95
  • 1 year $99.95

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