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ShibariDolls Review

Website Intro

There are some of us that feel turned on while watching a beautiful lady all tied up and helpless. Just imagine it, you can touch her anywhere, do anything you want with her, pleasure her until she is not sure if she wants to beg for more or tell you to stop. She knows she wants it, but she is already being disgraced, so she’s conflicted. Yeah, just thinking about it already turns us on. How about you? If you are also fond of this type of niche, then you will definitely enjoy the porn site that we are going to review right now. The porn site is called Shibari Dolls and it is filled with Japanese ladies all tied up and being pleasured. According to the porn site, they are actually showing a secret ritual of Japan. It is really cool, right? It is the perfect mixture of culture and hardcore porn. Shibari Dolls is actually part of the big Fetish Network, which is not really much of a surprise for us, because when it comes to awesome fetish porn sites like this, it usually comes from them. In fact, the porn network is so dedicated to catering to the fetish needs of everyone; they actually have a feature where they allow members to create their own fetish video. All you need to do is sign-up for the network. After that, you can already select from the hundreds of models available. Choose one and you may already tell her what you want her to do. She would then perform all your instructions to your liking. The video will then be recorded and be a part of their massive library where you can stream and download it anytime! However, you would not need a separate membership anymore because signing up for Shibari Dolls alone will already give you full access to the entire Fetish porn network! We are sure that you are already excited about the different membership plans available so let us move on to that. There are three options that you can choose from: a one-month option, a three-month option, and a one-year option. If you still can’t choose then why don’t you sign-up for free first. Yes, that’s right. They also offer a free trial option where you can already gain access for two days.

Website Layout

The website design of Shibari Dolls is very impressive. We like the fact that it has sleek and classy black color theme. But aside from that, it also contains a lot of Japanese design elements as well, together with a pop of red here and there through their buttons and tables. Upon landing on the homepage, a banner will greet you; it contains the pictures of the most action-filled scenes that you are going to see in the site. Beneath that, you may watch a trailer and read a short paragraph about the porn site. Scrolling down, you will already gain access to their Episode Archive. Right now, they have more than one hundred available scenes that you can view by streaming or downloading. In fact, the entire Fetish porn network has more than three thousand five hundred videos and almost two million high-resolution photos. Well, what else can you expect from a porn network that is forty sites big? Their Episode Archives is featured in different previews. Each preview contains different-sized thumbnails that show the screenshots of the video. From the pictures itself, you will already get an idea of what you are going to see in the video. Aside from the thumbnails, each preview also contains more information about the video like the title, the date when it was uploaded, and finally, a short synopsis of what’s going on in the video.

Website Content

We love the fact that they have chosen Japanese women to star in this porn site. Sure, other ladies from other countries could perform as well as them with this type of niche, but we really believe that this type of porn suits Japanese ladies best. This is because of their typical body and physical proportions. Not to mention that those ropes look really good against their porcelain white skin. As for the videos, we love that they are all in full high definition. The video quality is very important for us and we believe that the purpose of the video is totally defeated if the quality is not up to standards. Aside from that, we really enjoyed the stories of the videos in Shibari Dolls. It is obvious that a lot of creativity and effort went into conceptualizing each of them. Without these good storylines, we will not be able to enjoy the videos that much because it will just look like senseless sex. One of the videos that we really liked is called “Witness”. It is about a girl named Yuki who was tied up to a chair and made to witness the sexual things that were being done to her friend. You can see the development of the story where in the beginning she was horrified at first, but then, later on, she was starting to get turned on – especially by her friend’s moaning. Shibari Dolls described it as “sheer euphoria”. Later on, she was the next one who’ll get pleasured and the men in the video put dildos in her holes to create endless waves of orgasm.

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In Few Words

Overall, Shibari Dolls is a perfect porn site for you to sign up for, for three reasons. The first reason is if you love the beauty of Asian women, especially Japanese. The second reason is if you enjoy this type of porn niche. And finally, if you just want to enjoy and experience the awesome perks that the Fetish Network has in store for their members. If you are not into this type of porn then fine, you can still enjoy other porn sites within the network like Strap On Squad (if you enjoy strap-on porn), Elite Spanking (for those who are fans of spanking), and Footjob Addict (to fulfill your feet fetish), just to name a few.

How much costs enter the ShibariDolls site?

  • 2 days FREE TRIAL
  • 1 month $39.95
  • 3 months $24.00/month
  • 1 year $16.67/month

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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