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ShemaleStrokers Review

Website Intro

Some people like pussy and some people like cock, Shemales have the best of both worlds, they have the artistic beautiful innocence of woman combined with some pretty amazing rock hard cocks ready to fuck anything that moves. It is quite surprising just how many she-males are out there; they are like unicorns, exotic and precious and need to be protected at all cost. ShemaleStrokers is a new website that will show you just how cool and beautiful these beings are and you will be surprised to find a new world of pleasure before your eyes.

Website Layout

This site is an example of how to do a very minimalistic website and still keep it engaging and fun. The developers and designers have found a way to put a really big quantity of content in a little space and still keep it functional and pleasing to the eyes. The color scheme chosen for the site consist of white backgrounds and some color for the menus, because of this the images, trailers and other graphics that are used on the site pop up so much more and they will catch your attention in a blink no doubt about it.

On the menu side of things, designers have managed to put all of them on the main menu bar that is always on top of everything and always ready for your cursor to click on it. You have your standard “Video” and “Photo” menu that will grant you access to all videos and all pictures available on the site since its inception but you all have a trailers menu from which you can start watching to decide which scenes you will end up buying in the video menu, it is really helpful, you will also find the “DVD” menu where you will be able to buy full-length DVD movies at amazing prices. The updates menu will keep you updated on whatever is new on the site and the “Live Cams” menu will give you access to a whole collection of amazing live cams where you will be able to make a connection in real time with some amazing people.

The site is also available on mobile devices, the support for the mobile platform is quite amazing, you will not be finding any missing content between versions, all content have been optimized in such a way that the experience on your PC or on your mobile phone or tablet will be almost the same. All operating system; Windows, iOS, and Android, are compatible with the platform. Load times are great, so going around with your content at hand becomes so much easier.

Website Content

All girls are quite beautiful and all of them are equipped with some amazingly big hard cocks for your enjoyment. These girls are willing to do everything; from anal to gangbangs, fuck guys and girls, everything! They are all amazing performers and you can see that they are having so much fun in each of the scenes, it is contagious. There are hundreds of models on the site, each of them unique and wonderful, do not be surprised if you end up falling for one.

All videos come in beautiful Full HD 1080p image resolution, the best resolution available right now in the industry, and the one you deserve for your membership, production values are always good, delivering good sound, editing, lighting, and sets. All content is 100% original and exclusive.

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In Few Words

The site is a love letter for all you she-male lover out there, updates are constant and as a bonus, you get access to ten other sites full of exclusive premium content, Join now! It is totally worth it.

How much costs enter ShemaleStrokers site?

  • 7 days $9.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $69.95

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