SelfDesire is where you will get the greatest solo and masturbation videos performed by angelic models.


SelfDesire Review

Website Intro

SelfDesire is a site for all beauty lovers from around the world. Here, numerous gorgeous models are displayed playing erotic games and having fun with toys, enticing costumes or with their bare hands alone. Here you can watch some of the most beautiful pussies you will ever see.

Website Layout

The overall aspect of the site is very clean and natural paying tribute to all the spectacular close up pictures that you will find once you enter. The colour scheme varies from light blue to light pink, creating a combination that is sure to create a long and exciting effect on the viewer. The navigation on SelfDesire is smooth and easy. The intuited aspect of the site makes wonders when you are already in a hurry to find some eye candy or some great material to take your mind away from the everyday aspects of life.

The website is mobile friendly and optimised pretty well, this is due to the immense interest the developers have put into making it. The level of detail and intersect that have been put into the making of this site is observable from the first couple of seconds once you enter there. The site is built around a revolving big banner that is followed by a section dedicated to the top rated models and videos. The extremely hot pussy close ups will leave you wanting for more.

Website Content

There are only girls on SelfDesire. OK, let me reformulate that statement, there are only hot girls on SelfDesire. Watching these models is just like watching the top of the most beautiful pussies in the world while you keep fantasising more and more about what will happen once you click enter on your favourite thumbnail, video or photo gallery. The main activity these super hot girls are engaged in is masturbation. The girls are professionals in most parts and look like they have worked hard to become what they are today.

The main page of the website displays angelic figures with pussies so sweet that will turn you instantly. Looking at those extremely hot pussies as they are stretched and put to hard work by dildos, toys and able hands is enough to make even the most exigent of viewers scream with joy. All video scenes are under an hour in length and reach a hotness level rarely attained by generic porn sites. And because all videos are filmed in high quality and by people who really know the arts of their crafts. This means that through ultimate hotness and quality of the finished products that are ultimately uploaded on the sites, which is very high.

There are hundreds of videos you can choose from either by selecting the models of your picking or simply shuffle through the video thumbnails that are present on the main page of the site. Unlike some porn websites, this one also contains a very elaborate image gallery featuring all the models in all their complexity and beauty. Each model has at least one hundred sexy pictures that are accompanied by an equally hot video.

All of this is easily yours with the simple purchasing of a membership plan that is tailored just for you and your needs. With every plan you purchase you get in-depth interviews with some of the stars present on the site, access to weekly updates, new starlets, and multiple quality videos, you become part of the Team Skeet Network and get a 100% money back guarantee. All of this with a simple purchasing of one of the four membership plans available.

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In Few Words

One of the best porn sites that features all female masturbation and as hard to believe as might be, with the purchasing of any plan you choose you will also get access to another 24 porn sites, all part of the same big network that I mentioned earlier. If all of the above seem appealing to you, it means that SelfDesire e might be just the thing you are after.

How much costs enter SelfDesire site?

  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $28.97
  • 3 months $16.62/month
  • 1 year for $7.98/month

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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