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Website Intro

It is natural that men will want to go among a bunch of hot girls. Everyone wants something new and presumably fresh. But sometimes it is the things that have been left to ferment and turn sour that are sweetest. Some of this hot fresh girls have no clue of what a man wants especially when it comes to blow jobs. It is not surprising to find a hot innocent girl struggling with her mouth on a big cock between groans yet she is actually not doing any remarkable service to the cock. MILFs and moms have loads of experience and know exactly which package to offer to which cock when it comes to blowjobs. It is only on seemomsuck that you will enjoy scenes featuring MILFs lecturing or literally showing amateur girls what a good blowjob entails and how to do it. For the fresh girls wishing they had surrogate mothers who actually showed them how to suck cock, this is your big opportunity. This very educative and entertaining network was launched in October 2009. This site features the real amateur moms busy sucking huge cocks of their own daughters’ or stepdaughters’ guys. These housewives have an uncontrolled desire for sumptuous fresh meat and cannot miss the opportunity of showing the innocent generation how exactly it is done. The plots vary from amateur moms seducing their daughters’ boyfriends to situations where the hot moms call over neighborhood hunks to have a good time. The moms give instructions to the girls typically in their early adulthood of how to stroke and suck the big cock. Doing things in the right way as the hot mom puts it makes all scenes to typically end is big facials. Threesomes and action way above blowjobs also feature in a minor proportion of the videos. Browsing through this network has been made extremely easy. The scenes on the network are sorted by their ratings, dates which the scenes were uploaded, name of the scene and their popularity. The network also allows multi-site access.

Website Layout

Media content of the network includes purely exclusively pictures and videos of moms and MILFs giving hand jobs, giving blowjobs and having sex with noticeably men sometimes in the presence of an interested hot girl. These hot scenes usually culminate with the moms getting big facials from the fresh guys. Download managers are expected to be compatible with this network and work perfectly on the network. Channel Max 10 is a download manager that has been shown to work perfectly on this network. Channel Max 10 is able to pause and resume downloading as per the viewers’ wishes. Speed download is the software which was used to test the functionality of Channel Max 10 on this network. Download managers on this site can work at very good speeds of up to 4.2 megabytes per second. Man is naturally impatient. It has therefore been rightfully put that even though patience is a virtue, it can sometimes hurt. Man will therefore naturally avoid situations that will call on him to exercise his virtue of patience. Luckily, seemomsuck does not pose such a situation since the browsing speeds are very good. The browser operates at a speed of nine hundred and fifty kilobytes per second. The network utilizes forty megabytes per second cable internet. Files that are offered on this network vary in size. JPG image files are one hundred and fifty kilobytes in size, ZIP files have size of twenty five megabytes while MP4 video files are sized two hundred megabytes. The videos on this site do not have music in their background. This allows the viewer to get the whole experience by hearing all the words as the MILF lectures the amateur girl on what to do with a cock. No condoms are used in all the scenes on this network. What would a BJ be like with a condom on? A few banner ads also feature on a number of scenes. Pictures on this network are of average quality. The pictures look like vid caps and have no lighting issues. The pics have dimensions of eight hundred by five hundred and thirty-four.One can stream videos from this network using the medium flash player. This player can jump ahead immediately and has a five to ten seconds buffer. The player also allows for smooth playback for the viewer’s convenience. Videos streamed from seemomsuck are of very good quality. The network updates on a weekly basis. Relevant media content are uploaded by the seven sites that share into this network. This network includes seven sites which upload relevant media content regularly. This keeps the site active at all times.

Website Content

The network includes a large number of very sexy models. Most of the models are female. Currently, the site features ninety-eight models. The network does not feature any videos of High Definition quality. However, the videos being offered are of good quality. More than eighty-five scenes each with an average length of fourteen minutes are offered. Downloadable MP4 videos on the site have dimensions of one thousand two hundred and eighty by seven hundred and twenty and can be viewed at a bit rate of three thousand (3000k). Videos of flash format have dimensions of seven hundred and twenty by five hundred and seventy-six can be viewed at an unknown bit rate. The site features a mixture of white and ethnic models. Interracial action also features on a number of scenes in the network. Most of the models and porn stars on the network are amateur looking. This serves as an emphasis to the main theme and aim of the media content on the site – letting the little cute girls see how a BJ should be done by watching experienced but amateur moms do it. The models on the network have average to thin body forms as many other models. The models are mostly cute moms with an average age of between forty and fifty-five years. Majority of the models are based in United States of America.

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In Few Words

Curiosity is the nature of humanity. Seemumsuck is the one place that answers all your questions concerning how a BJ should be done.

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