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ScaryFuckers Review

Website Intro

There is nothing scary about fucking, but the scenes you can find on this hardcore site are all offering you heavy sex, hard cocks and somewhat disturbing stories and ideas behind the videos. The ScaryFuckers is a neat portal with lot of content to enjoy, and with a lot more to browse if you decide to get into the members’ zone. This site launched during 2011, and it was updated regularly. Finding the content isn’t easy, but the video dates also support the estimated launch time. Those who like to watch porn, will certainly appreciate the scenes of this site. However, it looks like that this site is frozen, and according to the dates there were no updates for a very long time. Nonetheless, the collection is nice, and the sex in them is really heavy. As it’s a member of the NextDoorWorld, the site can promise much more than its own collection. If you join this site, you will notice that there are more than a dozen porn sites listed, and you can access all of their videos from the members’ zone. The movies of the ScaryFuckers are exclusive, and they are only accessible through the NextDoorWorld sites. Apart from the 130+ heavy hardcore videos of the ScaryFuckers, you have the chance to enjoy more than 3,500 additional videos. Everything you can find on these sites is exclusive. Also, we should mention that though some sites are not really updating anymore, there are frequently growing portals in the network, so you can expect the collection to grow. The quality is one of the main factors of these videos, because they are good shape, and the guys are so good, many of them got numerous award-nominations and many awards have been won by them.

Website Layout

The home page of the ScaryFuckers fit the style of the videos perfectly. The colors in use are dark, and the pictures around the page give the whole site a professional, yet uneasy feeling. From the menu you can start exploring the content, and if you are interested in the content, don’t forget to watch the trailers. When you become a member, you get the option to browse the site’s content fully. Only simple menu is provided as a navigation tool, so you have to find other ways to sort the content: the best way might be to use the models’ names. The scenes of the site have long descriptions, and they are tagged by the guys’ name. Before actually playing the scene, you should check the ratings and the length of the chosen flick. When you are ready to start watching, you can choose from the two usual methods: play it in the browser, or save it in a better quality. The Flash stream however may offer 720p resolution too. The best available quality is 1080p in MP4 format, granted for download. The photo galleries are looking great, and they are all in higher resolution. You can view them in the browser, but there are no zip downloads to take advantage of.

Website Content

This cold hard, but damned sexy porn collection is something you should check, especially because the guys are very hot. One thing is certain: these guys are very gay. They are not picky, they get their ass penetrated hard, and they like to fuck the other in exchange. As you will see as you take a look on the pictures, these guys are not joking or fooling around. Their bodies are amazing, and it seems that a large cock was a basic requirement to get a role in the videos. There are twinks and mature guys too, and while they mix the couples, they do it in an exciting way. The twink-like guys have tight, smooth body, nice fresh cock and a wet ass they want to get banged. The other lads are the scary ones: the bald big dudes with tattoos and a terrifying large cock. The cols hard professionals of the site are doing a great job in showing you their body, and what they mean by sex. As you might expected, it’s not amateur porn. These scenes are all studio products, however you have to forget the mainstream sex you can find all over the web. Here you can watch hard and dark (in their nature, the stages are always well-lit) porn videos with heavy sex. There are many videos with orgies, where groups of guys are fucking with groups of guys. Everyone gets to fill a hole, and all of them have their holes filled. You can find here scenes with some bukkake-elements, along with the ones with creampies. The one on one scenes aren’t any easier: apart from the juicy bareback scenes, you can see some sub-dom relationships and some other fetishes covered in them. All movie features a fantasy or at least a situation we usually dream of. However, the word ‘scary’ isn’t exaggerating – there are quite heavy and nasty videos in there. Sometimes not the guys, or the sex are heavy, but the scenarios, the situations that leads to the sex. Just open a scene, and you will understand what we’re talking about.

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In Few Words

This kinky site is the hardest one of the NextDoorWorld Network. Since the other pages are all covering usual hardcore niches, the content of this site alone makes the membership recommended. Since the site grants you a full membership to the whole network, you can consider it as a fine deal to get some juicy gay porn at your disposal.

How much costs enter the ScaryFuckers site?

  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $14.95
  • 3 months $68.95
  • 1 year $95.40

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