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Retro-Glamour Review

Website Intro

If you love women that don’t reveal the full package all at once but rather trip you by luring you on one step at a time, then this will be the right place for you. Retro Glamour is a site where the ladies reveal little of themselves but just the right enough part that will make the lust worth it. Here the lady are well dressed and they reveal just the nitty gritty of what needs to be seen; while they are engrossed in the act, you get to see them play with themselves as well as their favourite toys. And things might get a little bit more interesting when they invite their friends to come play with them. It is an interesting place to be. The models seem to be professionals as this is reflective of how they are free and into what they do. They are relaxed before the camera and it would be hard to believe these ladies don’t do this for a living. Apparently although it is not a career for them, they have done it often enough to be able to pass for professionals. Hey, before you go saying that this site looks outdated, wait and listen. The site owners decided to go for a vintage them. Making the ladies dress in those most coveted outfit worn by sworn courtesans back in the day. Their look is really provocative you will not be able to avoid their temptation. Also with the pictures, they are made to come across as vintage so that you can be able to imagine being in the high presence of an acclaimed courtesan. The photo-shoot seems to good as the models seem to be calm and relaxed which made the photo-shoot more natural. Being a member of Retro Glamour gives you unlimited access to all the exclusive video footages that you can never find anywhere else. Also, you get rare pictures of the girls while they play with their pussies using their hands, toys and with other companions, either other girls or members of the opposite sex. Videos and pictures are uploaded on a weekly basis so you can be sure to find something new each week you visit the site.

Website Layout

The landing page which is very simple and easy to navigate offers a lot as compared to other similar websites. Generally speaking, the user interface is simple and easy to work around. It is user-friendly and it carries out the basic functions of a typical website. This site may not be as flashy as some other sites out there but it delivers on content. The design uses this vintage theme that runs right through the entire website. While you may think that the fresher generation may not be interested, they are the one that make up the majority of members on the site. That is to tell you that there is more than meets the eye on this site especially if you are a visitor. The only way you can better appreciate this website in all its glory is to become a member. Once you become a member of Retro Glamour you get VIP access to all the features in the website, you can watch exclusive videos and pictures of the most beautiful ladies on the site. The quality of the videos is good and available in full version to VIP members of the website. The streaming speed is great and members can download videos in different formats taking into account the available space on their hard drive and their internet bandwidth. The photo gallery is where the ladies all assemble with their beautiful bodies and their rare taste of fashion. Retro-glamour which finds itself in a rare niche that focuses mainly on the dressed women revealing their underwear and flashing some sensitive skin areas, they offer rare underskirt view and sometimes females playing either with one another, with sex toys or with their hands. The competition is quite broad as a lot of websites have sections for poorly dressed women in their revealing dresses, but the difference with both websites is that Retro glamour is focused more on the well-clad revealing ladies while the competition is focused on too many things. The competition is broad and so focusing on sophisticated clad ladies revealing their sexy bodies, as against having different sections of put together open source porn site. Without doubt, retroglamour rates high among similar websites. Retro-glamour is focused on what they do with elegant women revealing their stuff, and that is their niche and they are focused on it.

Website Content

The girls, most of which are models appear to be fresh and quite a majority of them are older ladies, commonly called MILFs. They are usually elegantly dressed, some of which looked to be well-dressed for a dinner party. Some shots are taken in the living quarters of a home, others were taken outside and obscure environment. The girls seem very comfortable and excited, they pose for the camera and happy as they make smile and make funny to straight faces to the camera. This can only be gotten through experience. They are either seen revealing their intimate part or playing with sex toys or using their fingers to play with either their vagina or their breasts and also as they play intimately with other women. There are a number of decent videos available on the website, within the update section of the website. These videos are updated on a weekly basis so as to keep members coming back for more. There are a few preview videos but they are nothing compared to the real deal. The video quality is great and is available in different format.

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In Few Words

On Retro-Glamour you will find women in very provocative postures, exposing their most private parts. The models are pretty and classy and they are well dressed you will never suspect they will take part in such activities. Nevertheless, they know how to get under your skin when you least expect.

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  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $60.00

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