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RealTeenDolls Review

Website Intro

I have always considered girls to be fluffy and sweet. They are the type to make you feel better once you get a glimpse of them (or their body parts, honestly) and sometimes, they are just so darn attractive that it is impossible not to get sexually attracted at some point. Lucky for us, porn sites are easily just found in this era, so we do not necessarily end up like creepy weirdos who chat up random attractive ladies.

Like real life, porn sites have different genres as a whole. Choosing a porn site totally depends on the type of girls we prefer and sometimes, with the ever growing porn industry, it becomes time consuming trying to find the perfect one for us (surprisingly, the same idea applies to girls). Which is really why I am here.

If you are the type of guy who has a knack for girls who don fresh faces and aura of a virgin, but equally act just as slutty and adventurous, then I assure you: RealTeenDolls is your perfect go-to. It is filled with cute girls who may or may not be engaging in their first sex experience. These cuties are either huge virgins or if not, they may be having a go at their very first anal experience or lesbian sex. It is not all that though because there are tons of masturbating, fisting, blow jobs, tug jobs, licking, fingering, DP, and more.

Being around since April 2010 and having a weekly update, RealTeenDolls is a place where you can find different versions of how these “virgins” are being pounded senseless and being toyed with. Not only that, they also seem to be enjoying these sexual adventures way too much. Do not get the wrong idea though, virgins or not, these ladies love every moment of what is going on. True enough, RTD mainly focuses on depicting both amateur sex and hardcore sex and I must say, when you combine the two, it is just pure bliss.

The site itself is home to decent to high quality videos and photos so prepare yourself for a grand exploration. Do not hesitate and do not be blinking profusely now, you don’t want to miss any of these great features. RTD will be bringing you a little piece of heaven and a whole lot of erecting inducing content.

Website Layout

RealTeenDolls, like all of ExtremeMovieCash’s other porn sites, works its magic with the help of a very simple website design. Despite it being solely basic, it is still charming and interesting. There seems to be nothing that sets it apart from the rest but I would not call that bad. The black background hanging archaically behind the monotonous flood of readable fonts, which by the way is dipped in interesting, just seems to add up to its great state. Although a little stale, it has its pros an that basically points to the fact that it is never hard to read anything here.

Every single thing is clear, comprehensible, and legible. I take this seriously in reviews because I have come across other porn sites that always gave me a hard time when it comes to being understandable. The navigation is also a bit bare and simple, which I find relieving, because I could care less about the complexity of website navigation and would rather spend my time with the content of the site. Simple links are found in glaring places like the top tabs and all. These links are those that will lead you to the home page, the photos, the videos, the extra and bonus sites, the network, the support page where you can easily inquire about billing problems and troubleshoot known issues you could be having with your account.

The member’s page is also there and that is where you essentially go to when you want to log in (provided that you are already a registered member). You just need to input your username and password. If you are not a member yet, a “Sign Up” button is located right next to it, you can just click on that easily. Apparently, you may also bookmark the entire site so you won’t have any trouble finding it in the near future or when you come back again, also will save you time as you do not have to type the entire address.

Another feature and page they have generously put up is the update page, where all the current updates are being placed. Unfortunately, the videos and scenes do not have write ups and descriptions, so you will to make do with video thumbnails. Another thing is missing is the advanced search bar. There are tags and all but that serves little purpose, when you really think about it. Again, take note of the network access once you have signed up for membership because that is what makes it really worthwhile.

Website Content

As the title implies, the girls of this porn site are real cuties and they have enough cute in them to already consider them doll like. Those are not the only features that make them standout though, as these ladies are complete experts (despite the “amateur” tag being dragged around) when it comes to acting like totally virgins and first timers; but like I’ve said, these ladies are playing the part of such and make no mistake about it, they are still the porn stars that you want them to be.

You will be seeing these models act out their very first blow jobs, their very first anal, their very first fisting, and just firsts in general when it comes to hardcore sex. You can download the scenes to your desktop or laptop, or simply just stream it in your browser. A WMV format and an MP4 format can be chosen when you download. There is only one resolution available but it’s a decent one anyway.

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In Few Words

RealTeenDolls is a promising porn site with loads of potential. It caters to hardcore sex using fresh faced sweethearts. The video quality is decent, the video count is good, and the features are awesome. 10/10 would recommend to you enthusiasts out there.

How much costs enter RealTeenDolls site?

  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $49.95
  • 6 months $89.95

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