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RealGirlsGoneBad Review

Website Intro

Many porn sites upload videos of porn stars with heavily made make-ups and subject them to all sorts of styles. The scenes are usually so much exaggerate and lonely and everything seems unreal. The story lines are usually over exaggerated and don’t seem to add up. Well, what you have a site that offers you real excitement without all these script writing? What if you get a site that that brings you all this pure fun in its raw form? Some of us love to watch this pure excitement in its raw and unprocessed form. We love to see amateurs let go their inhibitions and enjoy life like there is no tomorrow. Real Girls Gone Bad is one such site that lets you see amateur girls go wild at parties. This site brings you raw videos showing real girls going wild and letting go of all stress in live. They dance, kiss, caress and suck each other’s tits, all these happen on the dance floor. This site is no pornstars site. There are no paid pornstars on this site. All these girls are good girls just like the girl next door. This site runs after UK girls who fly out abroad to have fun. It films the girls as they live while they are cutie and post these videos for you to see. All the girls in these videos are between and twenty three years of age. So you can imagine all those pointed tits as they judder and shake as they jump up and down to the rhythm of the music. This site offers no ads from the homepage right to the last page. This means that you will not have to be disrupted by ads that appear on other websites. The quality in this site is top class, very clear and in HD. If you love seeing girls partying almost naked with booze flowing all around them and dong all sorts of provocative things, this is your site.

Website Layout

This site comes with some of the best features you would expect from a porn site. One of the major boosters of this site is its ease of use. This site is very easy to use. It comes with a very easy user interface which places all what you need under one roof. This results into a very convenient site for everyone including the first time users who will not have any difficulties using the site. There are tabs and a search box for easy maneuver. You need to be in control of the site, that’s why the site gives you all what you need on the homepage. This site is designed in such a way that you can easily rate the content on the site, save content like photos, post comments, sort content by combined user ratings, use search box and use keyword tags. Are you looking out for new content? This site updates its content every seven days. This lets you view current details after every week. New videos and photos are added to the growing video and photo gallery to ensure you get updated. The one downside of this site is that it doesn’t offer users any extras or bonuses for buying content from the site. However, the site seems to compensate this by offering low and affordable prices for subscription.

Website Content

There are about 245 videos posted on this site. This is a lot more than you can watch in a month. These videos and movies have different run times with many of them running for about 10 minutes each while others last almost an hour. Most of these videos and movies show bar crawls and wet t-shirt contest. The downside with these videos is that you cannot download them. This site does not support downloads, hence you can only stream the movies. High speed streaming is supported, and actually works very well with this site. The best thing with this site is that you stream the videos in HD. this makes it possible for you to watch every fine details. The most common type of videos in this site are bar crawls and wet t-shirt contests. The bar crawls are basically the British girls dancing on the dance floor while doing all sorts of provocative acts. There is plenty of booze for every girl here. They dance on the floor while on lookers shout out at them encouraging them to get crazy. In return, the girls get naughty and dirty. They kiss, caress, and suck each other’s boobs while dancing. This excites the crowd while the photographers and video shooters get busy. The only limitation in this bar crawl is that there is no sex being done at this stage.

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In Few Words

This site has received high ratings from both users and other websites which rate porn sites. If you want to watch amateurs let go of their conservative self and enjoy life like there is no tomorrow, then this is the site to subscribe to. If you want the actual penetration and watch all the dirt, then you should watch out for the private shoots which contain all this hardcore stuff. Real Girls Gone Bad is one massive site for all porn lovers who want to watch real and raw stuff. This site has been christened the porn reality show by some users who love the raw and un-scripted nature of these videos and movies.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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