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All spanking fans will be really satisfied with the content offered by PunishedAngels.


PunishedAngels Review

Website Intro

It’s certain that only some of our readers are able to truly appreciate the content of the PunishedAngels. These spanking videos are sexy, though an average porn watcher won’t be able to really enjoy them, however those who like spanking will be quite excited. In these scenes you can watch girl on girl action without any sensuality: the girls are just spanking the other’s ass until it is red. This is a long-running series, and the scenes here all bear the mark of Chelsea Pfeiffer. She is the one behind the videos, and though she likes spanking she doesn’t appear in these scenes.

The PunishedAngels started in 2009 as series which feature hot girls spanking hot girls’ ass. Nowadays it’s a site of the FetishNetwork, and unfortunately, it seems to have stopped updating. We’re positive that you will still appreciate it, because the scenes here are very hot.  By the time you read this, we can say that about 50 softcore-looking, but nasty fetishist videos are available on this site. Fortunately, you get a network-wide access, so if you are a fetish-guy, you will certainly enjoy your time spent on this site. As you can see, there are about 40 sites in the network, and though some of them are also closed – they haven’t got any updates for a while – there are some really viral pages. In case you really like spanking you will be glad to know that you can enjoy so much more on the extra sites like the EliteSpanking or the PerfectSpanking. There is another important thing to mention and that is that the site offers only exclusive content you can’t find anywhere else. So, spanking-fans, heads up and browse through this collection. Anyhow, the bonus sites and the live cams are good extras which make the membership worth the price.

Website Layout

By its looks the PunishedAngels isn’t the most modern site we’ve encountered during our reviewing processes. It’s simple and the simplicity of the tour page is present in the inner section too. When you open the page, the pink color theme may trick you into believing that it won’t be that hard, but frankly, don’t fall for that trick. When you log in, you will find the banner on the top, followed by the menu. From this simple menu, you can get to the videos’ page, and you can reach out for the network’s content. The simplicity of the site is hardly bearable, but if you don’t mind if there are no filtering or search options, you will like it. The content of the PunishedAngels is available for in-browser access. You can use a Flash-based player to open the scenes in the browser. This provides you with an average picture quality, but a good playback. For the better experience, you should give a chance to the downloadable files. They have a better bitrate and the offline viewing is always better. The picture sets contain only video captions so they are serving preview purposes mostly.

Website Content

On the PunishedAngels, you can see some really fine girls. The word ‘angel’ describes them pretty well, but it’s also quite far from referring to the real nature of these hotties. In these videos, the girls get their fine butts spanked hard, and while they are getting it, they also seem to get turned on. Since it’s a quite kinky thing – spanking with no actual sex featured – the girls here are not the type you see on every porn site. We are going so far, we even dare to say that many girls here are one-timers only, and only a few of them actually make a living from porn. However, they are quite nice-looking hotties. If you enjoy watching fetish-sex, and you don’t mind if the girls in these videos are wearing clothes, you will love to watch them. We have here Caucasian cuties, with nice ass, still in their twenties. There are also more mature women, usually from the 30-40 range, and they are the ones who spank the girls. In a few scenes, two fresh chicks are doing it, but in most cases the older women give the others what they deserve. Some girls are busty, and thanks to the different angles, you can see their cleavage too.

The videos are coming from the fetish-porn production company of Chelsea Pfeiffer. These videos were shot by the same producers, and as far as we could tell, many of them feature the same room. The girls are different, and the spanking is varied in intensity. The videos all feature a story, or at least a situation which turn into the spanking. In one scene, the mom spanks her girl because that hot cunt was spending way too much… and she used her credit card. Now that deserves a hard spanking, and as you will see from the red hot buttocks of the girl, she got what she had coming. In case you are looking for hardcore porn, you won’t find it. However, the scenes of the site are quite exciting, and they feature some hot girls, there isn’t actual sex in them. But, for spanking-enthusiast, these scenes will be quite satisfying, especially if they get turned on by girl on girl action. The videos are done in a semi-professional way, so there might be some weird angles, and the lightning isn’t the best. But the overall quality of the videos and the action in them is really good.

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In Few Words

The PunishedAngels would be a very good porn portal, if it were still updating at least on a monthly base. The greatest perk of being a member here is that you can enjoy a large collection of porn, apart from the few dozen clips of this site. Since the site is quite old, the quality should be a bit better it’s not. But we still dare you to join, because the spanking is real, so the excitement is guaranteed for those who enjoy this kind of porn. When you enter this portal, you can have your fetish fulfilled, and that’s a good thing, which makes the PunishedAngels recommended.

How much costs enter the PunishedAngels site?

  • 2 days FREE
  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $20.00/month
  • 6 months $69.95

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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