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PornTraveling Review

Website Intro

The PornTraveling is a porn website with some hot scenes. These videos are claimed to be authentic and real travel scenes and photos, made by actual couples. To be honest, we don’t really believe it, because the guys can be seen on other porn sites, just as the girls. The PornTraveling has a fine collection, the sex is hot and the girls are gorgeous, however there is only one problem: this isn’t exclusive. These footages are available on a site that looks like this one, and has the same content. Nevertheless, this portal still worth a try, because its videos – along with the bonuses made up into a fine selection of hardcore fun. The PornTraveling has a collection of 46 hardcore scenes, and it has been online since 2010. You will probably notice that the site is not growing too fast, but with the bonuses included you might spend some hot and quality time here.

There are five sites included: the StudentSextParties offers you hot group sex videos with semi-professionals and professionals. On the MyPickUpGirls you can enjoy a fine selection of scenes with girls getting picked up and fucked hard. The CashForSexTape claims to have amateur chicks and couples fucking on film that they’ve sent in for cash. The HardFuckTales is the usual hardcore porn site, where almost everything you can’t find on the network sites is featured. The ChickiPorn is also a regular hardcore site with cute girls getting banged hard. This network has over 1030 scenes that add up to 708 hours of porn, and the whole collection features 401 different hotties. Though the content is not exclusive, the video quality is pretty hot. There are several hardcore niches covered, and as you might expect from European porn, some heavy elements are also featured in the scenes. In case you like to browse a significant, but not overwhelmingly large collection, this network is certainly fit for you.

Website Layout

The home page of the PornTraveling looks good, and it has every feature you might need to browse comfortably. In case you feel that the site looks familiar, don’t worry, it’s a template that some other websites also use. On the top, you can see a banner, which is followed by the list of the network sites. Along the way to take the tour, you will probably notice the statistics on the right of the page. The main feature of the tour are the hot trailers you can watch. In difference with almost all other porn sites, the PornTraveling grants you a long preview clip, reaching and passing the 5 minutes mark. Apart from the clip, you can view standstills. You should get familiar with the layout of the page, because in the members’ area, you won’t find another template in use. After you sign up and log in, you will notice that there are only a few changes.

The content is listed on a few pages, and there are only two sorting options: most popular or the latest scenes come first. You can select any of the network sites from the list if you want to watch something different. The movies of the PornTraveling are available for online streaming, and also for saving. As far as the streamed versions are concerned, you will notice that the embedded player offers only SD resolutions. So, it’s not HD, but it’s still better than the streams most porn sites offer. The playback quality is good, the player loads the videos quickly, and there are not much buffering, so it’s really enjoyable. On the other hand, the downloadable files offer somewhat better resolution, though they still not in HD. This SD the site uses is digital, and it’s better than the usual DVD quality, which is 480p usually. Every video has a matching photo- and/or video caption gallery attached. By the looks of them, we would say that these sets are made from the videos, though some are really good in quality. Each gallery contains about a hundred files, and they are available for download packed into zip files.

Website Content

The site claims that these are real vacation footages with harder and more sex than usual. The truth is however, that the guys and the girls are all porn stars, mostly from Russia, and you can see them performing in many other porn videos on the network sites and on some other portals too. They are all really hot pieces with prime bodies, and amazing shapes. It’s quite certain that you will love to watch them getting fucked, but when they are just showing their bodies they are still seducing. As you will notice, these girls are not exactly amateurs, and their performance is quite great, they suck and fuck as you expect from experienced girls, and the guys are all well-hung. Though the site’s videos are not really amateur scenes, they are captured by the guys and most of them are done PoV, or the camera is put down. There is usually some chit-chat, laughing, some scenes even look romantic, and these folks are doing their sexy stuff in really hot places: they fuck on the beach, in the sea, on the balcony, in one video the guy shoots his load off the window. The sex taking place in the videos is very hot. There are some really good blowjob sessions, the girls get their pussy drilled, and there is almost at least one sessions of anal sex happening at every vacation. So, this is a varied and exciting porn collection.

Definitely the nicest premium porn site to acces class-A porn material

In Few Words

In case you are looking for hardcore porn, you should give the site the chance, and if you have a specific fixation for Europeans, you will find this compilation quite satisfying. With the network access to the other five sites, you can get more than 1000 videos, and considering that there are no download limits, it looks even better.

How much costs enter PornTraveling site?

  • 1 day for $1.00
  • 1 month $34.95
  • 3 months $59.95

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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