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Website Intro

Girls always need cash, lots of it. And when it’s easy to come by, all the better for them. Cash for new lingerie, for the latest smartphone, for hanging out with friends, and doing all the craziest and mundane things one can think of. And with a dwindling world economy staring down the faces of everyone, selling their romantic, erotic, and hardcore sex tapes is a leeway out – after all, some have become mega super stars and very wealthy from the same process. PawnYourSexTape is the world’s number one website for storing and viewing all the dirty, naughty, controversial, and incredible homemade sex tapes ever created.

Sex tapes of eventual celebrities who were one-time amateur chicks were first found here; sex tapes of professors banging their wards; of randy stepdads tearing down the assholes of girls kept in their watch; and other self-shot badass videos of unbelievable magnitudes are all here for your delight. And with cash in their pockets for doing next to nothing but enjoying sweet banging sex, these girls go back to shoot even more crazy amateur videos and post them online for more money. It’s a wonderful loop of desperation, hardcore sex, beautiful chicks, and money for sex scenes.

But that’s not all, there are also thousands of freshly married couples who sell their sex tapes just to get by. Imagine a newlywed couple stranded and broke on their honeymoon and without any hope of getting cash to travel back home; for them, the best, easiest, and most convenient means of packing that wallet full with cash for traveling and other stuff is PawnYourSexTape. They make sweet love, enjoy each other’s company, record it, and then pawn it online for some instant cash. Enterprising, you’d say. But not just any sex videos, not dramatized, orchestrated performances, but pure, raw, and real amateur fucking of the best quality that would not only thrill you, but satisfy your longings for sweet, spontaneous sex.

Every single sex tape admitted to PawnYourSexTape is previewed by a team of experts, rated, and accepted based on the quality of action involved, the scenes and backgrounds, and the originality of the whole show. PawnYourSexTape has in store thousands of awesome and sex-rich scenes shot in diverse places and in different locations. There are tons of videos recorded of couples making sweet love on their bed, of fresh girls getting their pussies banged by huge cocks, and plenty cock sucking and cumshot scenes that would simply take your breath away. Wet and creamy close up cunt shows, nice cum on pussy and asshole, awesome anal penetration, brilliant strip shows and cam shows, and the most erotic kissing and clit massage ever seen on film.

Indeed, only the very best of amateur gonzo fucking videos are seen here on PawnYourSexTape. And for the cash involved in the process of exchange, no one would have expected anything less. So, now you know; now you have a clearer understanding of why pretty chicks all over the world sell their homemade sex tapes; why girlfriends steal their beasties’ sex tapes and pawn them online; why couples sell their romantic sex videos; and why randy old men are exposed online – and rewarded in the process. PawnYourSexTape is a site with a gamut of reasons for girls to pawn their treasured sex tapes. Be that as it may, no matter the reason, be sure that you’ll get nothing but 100% quality from the archives of the world’s number one website for leaked and pawned sex tapes.

Website Layout

PawnYourSexTape is just great. It’s the number one spot for the very best amateur videos that have been traded for some cash. Everything on this site is built to perfection, giving users a splendid time watching and jerking off. The site is built to allow users submit their sex tapes at their convenience and get paid for them. What better way to have fun fucking and recording it, and then trading it to the best porn site in the world. This makes for instant celebrities whose sex tapes are easily downloaded from the website.

That’s right; the site gives all subscribed users the opportunity to download as many sex tapes as possible and keep for life. Little wonder many have grown to stardom using this feature. Subscribing to enjoy all these wonderful features is simple. All that is required is a quick 5-minute registration of your new username, password, and email address; and then complete the checkout page. That’s all! The exclusivity of the videos make users of this site true VIPs; people who get to enjoy only the very best of homemade porn in a simple, yet most creative manner.

Website Content

PawnYourSexTape has in store some of the most creative and talented amateur chicks out there. Girls who are so bold, so courageous, and so daring to face the camera, enjoy the sex show, and then trade their acts for sweet cash. They are no professional porn girls or street whores; rather, these are our regular neighbors, our Laundromat attendant, our grocery store keeper, and other campus girls looking for some slush funds to augment their high lifestyle. It’s a combination of brains, beauty, talent, and courage. That explains why the user submitted videos are more authentic, more real, and more appealing to users worldwide. Surely, nobody wants to see pro porn models repeat the same dull and boring scenes again and again; hence the love of PawnYourSexTape. It’s as creative and appealing as it gets.

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In Few Words

This is the only site offering such cool initiative; and people are indeed taking advantage of the offer. That explains the thousands of videos that pour into the site every time. Do the needful today, subscribe and enjoy the very best of raw, real, and 100% authentic amateur videos online.

How much costs enter the PawnYourSexTape site?

  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $0.83/day
  • 3 months $0.67/day

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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