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PassionHd Review

Website Intro

In choosing porn, let me give some advice. There’re only two things you really need to look out for. Content quality, and video quality. Content quality falls on the girl’s performance and the sex scenes they make, while video quality falls on the quality of the camera and the resolutions. Well, I’m here to say that the world’s number one quality in porn can be found nowhere else but in Passion-HD! This site hosts one of the best and most quality content when it comes to sex and hot girls. Using the most high end cameras and huge resolutions, this site offers the best entertainment there is in the porn world!

With a wide range of sex scenario, this site really diches out what the fans love to see. Another thing to keep in mind is that every model that’s set on stage here in Passion-HD has been handpicked by the producers themselves. You see, these producers aren’t looking for just pornstars, these producers are looking for The Pornstars! If I had to spoil one of them, I’ll tell you that the all-time famous Dillion Harper has been doing regular fuck scenes on Passion-HD for the past few months now and her videos are mounting up and already reached the top list! Now that’s what you call quality porn! Nowhere else, can you find porn as good as this. But I suppose it’s no surprise since Passion-HD has been around the porn industry for quite some time now, so with experience comes quality product, and by product, well you have hardcore fuck scenes that will probably blow your cum out. Let’s get on with it shall we?

Website Layout

In Passion-HD, the homepage starts off with a cover picture that brags about its content. But this kind of pride holds evidence, because the flash video you see in their cover is actually a 100% representation of the actual videos themselves. I have to admit it, it is my first time to see a porn site so confident with its quality that they had to post it in their cover flash animation. Seeing how clear and crisp this preview flash video is, it might be too good to be true, but alas, it is. This super sexy blonde doing her thing in the video is very infatuating, looking at her laugh is so addictive, the video also changes every time you refresh the page so it’s really cool. The homepage also houses updates of the most popular videos that have been uploaded per week. Which saves you the time checking it on the video page one by one, and the fact that they’ve already sorted it out for you only proves this site knows how the members think. Nice intuition there Passion-HD.

Some of the dazzling titles I’ve seen this week by far are Meditating Beauty, Lobby Love, Plumber Pounds Dillion, Sweeet Candy, Well Groomed, Sharing is Caring, Morning Rush, Skinny Dipping, Scared Stiff, and Deep Throat Weekend. But if you’re not interested in going with the flow and being interested in the majorities votes, you can still go solo and seek out your own satisfaction in the Scenes page. In this page, all the archived content from the earliest uploads are here. I’m sure you’ll find a personal favorite if you use the sorting system. You can sort them by choice whether it be alphabetically, popularity, ratings or etc. Going to our next page, which is my favorite by the way, is the Model’s page. There’s something different about the way they preview the models in this page because, all the girls’ photos are taken matching their personalities. You can really tell because if you try watching one of their videos, they act exactly as the way they depicted themselves in the pictures, I don’t know if this was planned or maybe the girls are just that good. Looking at these penetrating eyes are just too stunning dude.

As for the last page that we’ll be talking about, that will be the Top Rated page. Now in here, unlike the other pages, the ratings and the popularities have been calculated and merged so the site can finally sort the best of all the videos and present it in that manner. Which means, if you’re looking for the best among the rest. Top Rated page is where you wanna be. With uploads going 3-5 videos per week, I’d say this site is one for the books. With thousands of videos already in its storage, the frequency of uploads is really overwhelming. Lastly, they have a feature of offering 24/7-member support shows how member friendly this site is. Hope you keep that in mind when you encounter difficulties.

Website Content

The girls in this site are just perfect. I don’t know what kind of mind the producer has, but I had to say, the way he handpicked all these models, he must be a very good observer. Every part of the girls is perfect, not too skinny, yet not too fat either. Just the right size and just the right expressions and uniqueness. Looking at these girls makes you want to fall in love with them in more ways than one. Can’t wait to check out their POV collections. The video qualities are very clear by the way, but that compliment not only goes to the ones that are downloaded, because the streaming quality is surprisingly high as well! With video formats ranging from HD, SD, MPEG, WMV, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, to Android compatibility. This site has it covered.

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In Few Words

I can’t believe how this site pulled it off but it really got it done. All the video content is just as good as its video quality. I’ve never seen Divas this beautiful. I might even mistake them for actual models and not pornstars! The website also is very easy to use. With simple navigations and links, you’re sure to land where you’re aiming at. So I would highly recommend this site to those porn watchers who’re after the big fish! This site is it!

How much costs enter PassionHd site?

  • 1 day $1.12
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $19.79
  • 1 year $9.95

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