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Website Intro

What type of porn videos do you enjoy watching? Is it related to a different kind of fetish? Or how about a certain gender preference (such as lesbian or gay)? For me, it is all of the above. I enjoy every type of sex scene. It is needed in my line of profession anyway because I would not be able to write about different porn sites if I am not a HUGE fan of porn. Do you have any idea on how many types of porn sites we get to look at per day here in the office? It is a LOT, and there is no assurance on what type of porn genre we are going to see each day. There are a lot of weird ones, as there are also a bunch of boring ones every once in a while, but me? I love them all. I don’t care. As long as it’s a type of porn video, I’m watching it.

While I do not have a specific preference, though, I do have one particular type of porn genre that I really enjoy. This is group sex. I have a couple of reasons why, and let me share them with you. First, it is exciting. There are a lot of things happening all at the same time. Watching partners get it on in a porn video could get quite predictable, but watching a group of people? Man, you really don’t know what’s going to happen next. Another reason is that I personally think that it’s more economical. Just one group sex video already has multiple sex scenes in just one go. You only need to download once and you already get enough sex scenes for three or more different videos. And finally, the people in the sex scenes do not have any specific gender preferences. They usually get down and dirty with everybody. Girls with guys, guys on guys, girls on girls! Everybody gets a piece of the action.
These are the reasons why I really enjoyed taking a tour on the porn site that we are going to feature today.

This porn site is called PartyHardcore, and it contains a lot of exciting group sex scenes. This porn site is really fun for two reasons. First, the sex scenes that you are going to see here are not scripted. They are all real-life parties, so they are definitely more sensual. There’s something in an amateur video that is sexier compared to a rehearsed sex scene, don’t you think? And finally, I love this porn site because the people here are just crazy. And you know what happens, when crazy people get influenced, party, and have the time of their lives? They get even crazier – with a lot of intense group sex with a lot of other people watching soon to follow! 
If you are a lover of this type of porn niche as well, then you are in the right place, my friend. You can simply register for PartyHardcore and you will already get to enjoy the different porn videos that they have to offer. And of course, let us not forget to mention that all of the party sex scenes that you are going to see here in the porn site are exclusive. This means that even if you search for them in all of the other free porn sites elsewhere, it would be impossible for you to find them elsewhere. Their videos are only theirs, and theirs alone.

Website Layout

The thing that we love about this porn site is that it kept a really simple appearance. The color theme is just plain black and white. The reason is because the videos that you are going to find in the porn site are already so loud and colorful that it could become a bit nauseating if the website designers still went with neon colors and graphics.
 Speaking of the colorful scenes, aside from the header of the site, which is simply a plain black one that contains the site navigation and the logo of PartyHardcore, the only other element that you are going to see on the page is the thumbnails of their content.

You are going to see a lot of thumbnails on the page. These are not the only videos that you are going to see. They actually have a large collection of different amateur party videos. The ones displayed on the homepage are simply the ones that are most recently uploaded.
The thumbnails are kinda like the porn site. Minimal and simple. In fact, you are not going to see a bunch of information about it, other than the screenshot. The screenshots though are really colorful and lively. Just goes to show that the parties that they recorded are really awesome. Also, we loved how they displayed some of the thumbnails in a gif type of way? They looked like short trailers already which is good.

Website Content

Because the videos that you are going to see here are group sex scenes, you are literally going to see all the type of porn stars here, both guys and girls. Long-legged, big-boobed, white, black, Asian – you name it and chances are you are going to see them here! The more the merrier, the more the better, that is like the motto of this porn site.
 As for the videos, we are really impressed. Like I said, these are real parties. This means that the videos that you are going to see here are amateurs. It wasn’t mentioned in the porn site though if the videos are user-submitted. However, it really is mind-blowing how the quality of each video is in high-definition and crystal clear given the light circumstances of each scene.

Definitely the greatest premium xxx website if you want some fine party flicks

In Few Words

We really recommend this site, especially if you are a party junky much like the people that you are going to see within the walls of the porn site, PartyHardcore. If you want to enjoy the four hundred plus high-quality party sex videos that they have, all you need to do is to register and select from one of these plans: one month, three months, or six months access. After doing so, you can party all the way. Enjoy!

How much costs enter PartyHardcore site?

  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $23.30/month
  • 6 months $19.99/month

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