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Website Intro

The word ‘nerd’ and ‘sexy’ are rarely used in the same sentence. This is because nerds are not expected to be sexy. We know that they are the smartest people on earth. However, in a world where things change and nothing remains constant, nerds have been able to discover their love and passion for sexual activity. To show you that the nerds are simply just like you and me, Paul Taylor, a handsome nerd shows that he is just like any other guy. But do be mistaken, his interest does not lie in conducting experiments and reading science books. You have to know him to understand what sexual fulfillment to him is all about. He bullshits his way to every girl bed and needless to say, he brings the heart of the content on this site. Paul passes himself on as a porn producer who is scouring to talent across the streets. While his content may be familiar, the action is presented in a very enticing way. I guarantee that you will love every moment of it. His journey of finding pleasure will excite you. He sets out to find hot vulnerable pussies to fuck and through his quest, he has realized that he is a NerdPervert.

The videos on this site are highly entertaining and the action is presented to you in a way that is simply more than average fucking and sucking. The site not only has a lot of sexual intercourse to rave about but it also contains a lot of humor and likable characters NerdPervert is scripted and all the action that you see is not necessarily original. However, it hardly seems like a big production, the content is on point. The site solidifies the fact that anyone can be a porn star. It simply takes the right attitude to be one. In the face of pleasure, there is nothing impossible. Paul goes out of his way to find fulfillment and this is what we love about the site. This is not your mama’s porn site. It is a reality themed site that has gone to great heights to explore the fulfillment that we find in sexual pleasure. It is unique and it will simply make you want to be a nerd. You will realize that nerds are often not ‘uncool’; instead, they just hide their true identity behind their big glasses. Paul does not have any intentions of portraying himself as a prince charming. He shows off his face, proving that he is a proud bastard and there is nothing you can do about it. The best thing about the site is that nothing is blurred from the scene. You get to see all the horny fracas unfolding. As many women consider Paul Smokin’ hot, you will be in for a treat in regards to everything that the site has to offer.

Website Layout

As you take a tour through NerdPervert, you will highly appreciate all the efforts that the site has put into place to ensure that you get around easily. The members’ area will give you a glimpse towards the kind of action that you are going to enjoy. The excitement will most definitely get to you, and this is a good thing. Currently, NerdPervert comprises of 126 full-length videos that promise you high-end entertainment at all times. If you have a membership pass, you will be able to make the mood of the collection.

The scenes offer a mixture of hardcore and softcore action thus, the site tries to cater to all porn lovers and their needs and preferences. NerdPervert promises weekly updates, therefore, you have something to be excited about at all times. Logging back into this platform will be such a delight as your eyes will be treated to many good things, especially the high-quality videos. For the first time, members can enjoy hardcore in quality pixels entertainment, need I say more? Playing back the flicks is super easy and downloading them through flash streaming and MP4 format would not be more convenient.

Website Content

The amateur women on NerdPervert will make sure that you will relish in the hardcore collection. The first thing that you will notice about them is that they are overly naïve mainly because the pervert tells them that he is a porn producer and they buy into his shenanigans. However, this makes for great action. The women are a mix of Milfs, chubby chicks, busty hotties, fresh faces and the average size eight models. You will love spending time with Devon Breeze, Shantell Coleman, Lucy lane, Abby Price and Tatiana among many others. In store for you, they have a lot of cock sucking and fucking. Sometimes, the NerdPervert puts them together and encourages them to film a lesbian scene. Whether Paul Taylor is sitting, lying or standing, he gets sexually serviced in the best way.

Carly Rae will show you all of her cock sucking skills that she has in store for you. On the other hand, Lucy Lane will shock you with how she was already dressed in sexy stockings for the part even before Paul Taylor approached her. It is almost as if she knew that it was her day of pleasure. All in all, you will love all they have in store for you. Do not be fooled, these amateur hotties have true porn stars potential. Even the Milfs are excited to polish up their rusty fucking skills as it is clear that they have not been intimate for long time. When the women opt to pleasure each other, they lie on their backs and spread their legs wide open for their partners to eat their pussies to a cum. There is no doubt that Paul Taylor’s girls only have the best for you and this is what makes NerdPervert magical.

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In Few Words

I must admit, I did not know that nerds could be as creative as Paul Taylor. There is something sexy about his ruggedness and carefree attitude. He must really appreciate all his fans to bring you the best. You will enjoy all those worthwhile moments, no doubt about it.

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  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95

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