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ModelMuscles Review

Website Intro

Model Muscles is a dip into the delicious sexy world of female bodybuilders. The women on this site are ripped and they want to share their glorious bodies with you. There are 228 videos and 229 photo sets starring 42 of the hottest fuckable muscled women you could find. Subscribers get access to an entire network of videos aside from Model Muscles as well. There are 20 more sub sites available. Everything available on the site can be yours forever as well. The pictures and videos are downloadable so that you will have the option of having them even without accessing the site. Sexy women with muscles show you just how hot they can be.

Website Layout

This site literally puts videos wall to wall. There is nothing else whatsoever on the page other than the videos that you came to see. Directly under the title you learn that there are 42 body builders on the site and a whopping 229 photo sets. These photo sets are packed full of photos. There are also 228 movies on the site. With all this content being downloadable as well it’s twice as nice and can be enjoyed as many times as you want for as long as you want. Every model on the site has her stats displayed for you anytime you want to watch a video of her as well as sets of photos dedicated to her. Signing up also comes with the bonus of about 20 sub sites that you will immediately have access to as well. This makes for a very large amount of content accessible as a member of Model Muscles.

Website Content

The girls are beautiful bodybuilder models. There are 42 smoking hot models all together. These models all reoccur in multiple videos on the site. If you find a model that you like a lot you can be guaranteed to find another video that she stars in and a photo sets of her as well. Model Yvette Bova has enormous muscles but she’s got a set of enormous tits to go with them too. Tracy Daniels has a smoldering sexy look, giant muscles, and perfect tits. Tyler Fox is lean and muscular. She’s a perfect mixture of hard and soft. Many other models star in multiple videos as well and they are all ultra-ripped super sexy girls baring it all for you to feast on. Clicking on any one of the girl’s videos will bring you to a page with that video and some extra content as well. To the right side of the page you get to learn the girl’s stats. Her name, body type, height, weight, and bust size are all laid out for you so you can get a good idea of what she is like before you actually click play on the video. Beneath her stats is a gallery of photos of her in sexy poses. These girls are real, strong, fit women showing off how very sexy they can be. You’ll find tight asses, big and perky boobs, and rippling biceps and abs. Watch these women working out, oiled up, strutting around the beach in a bikini, or peeling a thong off themselves. Megan Avalon soaps up her tits while washing her car. Kathy Connors shows off her muscles including her pussy. Brigita Brezovac does a seductive slow dance for you. These are only a few examples of what Model Muscles has to offer you. There are a lot of good video options on this site. Put together with all the massive overload of photos and the enormous bonus of sub sites there is so much material here for your viewing pleasure that it’s just an amazing thought at the amount of sexy stuff you can dig into.

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In Few Words

Muscled women can be a very sexy prospect. These women are the sexiest of muscled women baring it all for you. They oil themselves up and show off their beautiful bodies for your pleasure. The women often work out naked for you, show off their tits, and caress their muscles in front of you. Hundreds of photo sets and movies are at your fingertips on Model Muscles and if there’s anything else you need there is a massive amount of sub sites. There are actually 20 sub sites in all. All of these sites present you with a variety to choose from even when you have those times that you’re looking for something a little different from the sexy muscled women of Model Muscles. There’s a site called Cum Lovers and one called Gang Bang Dee. You have access to all these sites and more simply by being a member of the Model Muscles site. It’s plain to see that Model Muscles can be the holder of a lot of gratification for you. The women are sexy in a hot strong way that can only be achieved by these beauties with rippling muscles. They’re fit and active. You can watch them work out right in front of you often with their tits and pussies exposed for your pleasure. Model Muscles will stimulate you again and again. When you need some variety you won’t have to go anywhere else. All the sub sites that are completely included will take care of your need for variety. Model Muscles will get you pumped up and excited for the display of sheer sexiness it has to offer. With all the things included to make you a happy subscriber you can’t forget the added bonus that all this content is downloadable. You can download these videos and save them to your computer, phone or tablet so that you will have them for as long as you want. With this feature you will never have to worry about being without the material you desire. Model Muscles offers a plain and simple layout with none of the frills that you didn’t really need anyway. It offers what you want; pictures and videos and more pictures and videos.

How much costs enter the ModelMuscles site?

  • 2 days $1.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95

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