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ManuelFerrara Review

Website Intro

Porn has got a lot of attention lately, and more and more sites keep popping up, sites that are not actually as good as one might think at that first glance. But, going through the lot of them, you can find that hidden gem, in this case, that would be Manuel Ferrara, carrying the name of the famous pornstar, and of course, you will find him in some of the videos. With hardcore action all around, you can expect to see anal, fucking, blowjobs and so much more.

Website Layout

I was fascinated by the looks of the home page, to start with, as you can find a lot of the content to arouse you even there. I love the way the colors are mixed, to give that modern impression, yet the site retains the simplicity of usage, that one that allows you to click a button or two, and get wherever you want to be. More things are to come, as you scroll, you will find a very large sliding image, containing scenes from the videos, and below, are the other previews, photos, to be precise, or in other words, stills from the videos.

By joining, you get access tot he entire collection of videos and photos, and you get other perks, too. The content is sorted nicely, so you will have no trouble getting to it, and you will be able to make use of a search bar. With the site having no lag at all, browsing becomes a pure pleasure, and going from page to page, video to video, as simple as a click. That goes as well for the mobile version of the site.

Website Content

The content on the site is of the most hardcore nature, and you will see great sex here, but passion, too, as Manuel is regarded for being quite the gentleman, even though he is also famous for his huge dick. That got him quite the popularity, and he has used it well, to make a collection of videos, hardcore ones, a collection that keeps growing, every week. The girls line up, those fresh, and those mature ones, too, to get the best of the best, Manuel, and some of his friends, too. They love making those threesomes, foursomes and the like, where there is more than one dick in the holes of the girls.

Many of the videos contain anal action, as they love getting kinky with Manuel, for more than one reason. They also love getting his cum, as the famous man has a lot of it, and it tastes good, according to all the ladies that love eating it. That is not all, as when you start watching the cumshots and the similar videos, which have close ups, you get to see a lot of details, and that is due to the high resolution of both the videos and the photos. The content is regularly updated.

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In Few Words

Manuel is indeed generous, both to the ladies and the dudes with whom he makes porn, and to us, the viewers, as you get quite the collection of sites to explore, and all of the price of this one. Do not get me wrong, ManuelFerrara is one of the best sites out there, with unrivaled hardcore action, but, the other ones are good, too.

How much costs enter the ManuelFerrara site?

  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95
  • 1 year $149.95

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