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Website Intro

The adult entertainment industry is notorious to focus men’s fantasies and desires, producing hardcore and deviant material that becomes completely dissociated to our sexual reality. The constant pounding, impossible positions and scenes that are almost indistinguishable don’t represent or please most of women looking a more intimate and sensual aspect of sex to enjoy. This feminine perspective in porn is not explored even by female directors, that only reproduce the mainstream formula of fucking non-stop, turning sex in a mechanical and repetitive act. Erika Lust, founder of LustCinema share this same thought, and founded her company to provide the always welcomed and much needed feminine touch in the adult industry. Exchanging the pelvis thrusts with delicate yet sensual movements, forgetting the lack of chemistry between actors and focusing in intimate sex, LustCinema wants to attract not only women, but viewers that grown tired of seeing the same porn over and over.

Website Layout

LustCinema’s layout is not only pleasant to the eyes, but reveals the artistic focus of the productions, with elegant and clean designs. For new visitors, the home page got an interesting trailer with highlights of the product, showing passionate and artistic scenes, but not excluding more deviant sexual acts, like orgies and public nudism. You can discover more of the producers’ intentions by taking a look in the “about” section, where Erika explains why she understands porn needs to evolve, and why it’s a good thing to have a feminine viewpoint of sex portrayed in the adult industry. In the “directors” tab, there’s a huge selection of directors hand-picked by Erika Lust, each one with individual yet sensible touches to present us. The description gives away much of the history and personal views of the directors, making even more pleasant to discover the person behind the camera. One of the featured directors is Eddie Powell, mostly known for his hardcore and less sensitive movies made for Digital Sin/New Sensations. Powell’s works exclusively made for LustCinema have almost no resemblance to the mainstream material previously made. The scenes provided in the site offers a nice, smooth view of sex, revealing a sensible side of Eddie Powell that’s unknown for even the most avid of porn addicts. The movies are beautifully presented in astonishing posters, sometimes you can’t even know if it’s advertising porn or simply some art film. In the individual scene or movie page, you have the proper production information, such as production year, cast, and an involving well-written description. The cast section is neatly organized and provides the actors featured scenes. The mobile site preserves the clean look and fast access, being accessible through mobile devices such as android smartphones, iPhones and tablets. With such a stunning package, we need to unwrap LustCinema’s content to see if they are up to its promises and views.

Website Content

All the models are extremely beautiful, being a newbie with little experience or a MILF with porn history. You will find Asians, brunettes, skinny and curvy girls. There is an interesting thing about the actors: they can act. In porn we usually expect the models to be athletes making exercise for thirty minutes, with no personality involved in the shootings. The actors of LustCinema are demanded to perform sensually, in sensitive scenes that start slowly and progressively evolve into the proper sex. Being able to have this kind of chemistry is unusual in the adult industry, making each one of the actors a singular piece of talent. Some actors have a modern look, with beards for the male, and tattoos for both males and females. So the scenes portrayed have a nice modern tone, turning into believable relations that can happen with anyone. Maybe that is the main power in LustCinema’s productions: their scenes are completely believable. While there is no sense of respect or reality in mainstream porn, LustCinema’s movies respect the humans behind the sexual act, exploring relations in a realistic way that can be appreciated by men and women. The movies are made entirely to bring sensual and realistic settings, with believable sex performance and a commendable work of all the actors. The chemistry between performers is one of the highest aspects of LustCinema’s productions, so you can expect passionate eye contact, mutual sexual pleasure and a nice glimpse of what a woman wants. That does not mean the sex is boring and tedious, as many of the mainstream porn watchers may think. The main difference is that the characters in focus care about giving pleasure to each other. So, the almost unseen licked pussy is actually in evidence here. The camera work and editing is exquisite, so there’s nothing bellow professional in aesthetic and technical aspects. From the movies’ poster to the final editing, LustCinema makes sure to produce high-quality material.

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In Few Words

LustCinema is a one-of-a-kind site. Its feminine view of sex, the constant search and development of a new kind of porn make the site unique and truly special. In an industry dominated by the men viewpoint, LustCinema provide us with a refreshing side of sex, engaging in the women viewpoint, with delicately elaborated relations between well-developed characters. The sense of humanity and care about love and respect is present in all movies, so there’s much to be appreciated in the actors’ chemistry and the pacing of the stories. With a women-focused material, LustCinema’s material can be easily appreciated by men who are tired of the same, boring and repetitive formula of mainstream porn. If Eddie Powell has a more sensitive side, why wouldn’t you? The site provide exactly what is promises: a new, more tender look for sex and human relations, without taking away the sensuality that make us all enjoy porn. It does not matter if you are a male or a female, to experience a fresh new look into the adult industry is always nice. Providing a sensual feminine insight about sex and porn, LustCinema surely is an interesting site that demands to be more recognized and appreciated.

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