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JakeMalone Review

Website Intro

Winning the 2011 AVN Awards and being simultaneously nominated for the prestigious XBIZ Awards for great porn contents confirms Jake Malone as the greatest of the greats as far as creating exceptional porn content is concerned. Little wonder he now has a full website completely dedicated to his awesome works of art compiled over time – and still counting. JakeMalone is the home for the best girls and hunks seeking for international recognition and prominence in the world of adult entertainment. Once featured on this site, it is certain the model would shoot to limelight in no time. This is because jake features only the best and hottest stars in the industry. And that explains why it receives so much attention from serious porn lovers the world over. This is the home of all the biggest sex stars from Asia, America, Europe, and every other corner of the world. Having conquered their individual countries and continents, they all come here to meet the master of them all, Jake, so as to feature in his banging videos and become world porn models indeed. Surely, no one can get to the top of the porn ladder without first featuring on JakeMalone. It is the authentic ticket to stardom and international recognition. All of these are made possible by Jake’s many years of experience garnered while producing and directing some of the most fantastic porn videos ever. There is no doubting it, this knowledge and skills picked up along the way for so many years stand him out of the crowd. It has given him a sharper eye to look out for and find only the very best girls and dudes out there; to understand camera positioning and props usage, to have a good grasp in editing and porn movie packaging. Jake is indeed an embodiment of what a perfect porn director should be about. JakeMalone is exquisitely filled with classy, stunning, and brilliant videos shot with the best 1080p High Resolution cameras that are the best in the industry. Same with the editing software too; they are topnotch and unrivaled. And further to that, the videos are all hosted on the most flexible, yet most robust porn website in history. Getting nominated or winning awards in the world of adult entertainment is no joke considering the stiff competition in the Evil Angel network and, even generally. So, for Jake to have been so recognized by these esteemed outfits means he has been doing something right and commendable. That explains why he is the go-to guy for all the most important lessons in the creation of breathtaking porn. He is admired and respected by his peers, and adored by his porn starlets and upcoming directors. On the ever expanding archive of JakeMalone, there are tons of naughty chicks getting their cute pussies banged; there are so many MILFs, mature ladies, and moms getting their horny cunts hard fucked by big muscle men; and there are also a whole world of videos parading the sexiest office ladies, professional sluts, and campus queens giving men awesome blowjobs and handjobs that are simply exceptional. It is the home of all the best hardcore and erotic porn shows ever. And to add icing on the cake, this brilliant and exceptional director also features in many of the videos, teaching these girls how hardcore sex should be done. Other than the anal banging and pussy slamming videos he stars in, there are also so many stunning BDSM videos that are simply breathtaking. All the props, chains, ropes, and gadgets used in these videos would leave you speechless for a long time. JakeMalone is the best of the very best as far as hot and hardcore porn is concerned.

Website Layout

Unless it has never been conceived or thought of before, but once the human mind can think it, you would find it here on JakeMalone. Stunning and crisp videos of the best international standards, shot on the very best camera and with lenses that would leave you awed are the kinds of stuff that are here. Jake’s use of HD cameras for porn movies has truly revolutionized the world of porn greatly. And added to that, you get to stream online and download these awesome videos in 1080p HD formats. Meaning that you never get to lose quality along the way. It’s a great way to experience the beauty of adult entertainment like never before. Minus the thousands of High Res picture sets loaded on this massive archive, you also get to enjoy full and unhindered access to all the 26 breathtaking Evil Angel sites with just this single subscription. That is incredible value for your money’s worth. No other site or network has such a bonus on offer.

Website Content

JakeMalone parades only the finest, prettiest, and sexiest of chicks in the world of professional porn. They are daring, bold, and uniquely built to withstand the largest and hardest of cocks. With Jake directing the shows, these girls are inclined to bring out their true nature and stun their viewers. Nothing beats the skills and talents on show here. Whether it’s blonde, brunette, ebony, Asian, tattooed punk girl, MILFs, mature ladies, lesbians, or incredibly chubby chicks you desire to watch, JakeMalone has more in store for you than you can handle.

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In Few Words

Now you know, that nothing comes even close to the breathtaking fun Jake offers his numerous fans on this wonderful website; now you know, that this is the ultimate, number one, and most authentic porn site for all the very best and tantalizing sex shows ever created. Get on board today and join the horde enjoying Jake and his super awesome sex stunts, every day. It’s a decision you would relish in and thank yourself for, for the rest of your life.

How much costs enter the JakeMalone site?

  • 3 days $2.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $22.98/month
  • 1 year $7.95/month

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