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ICumGfs Review

Website Intro

The professional sites out there do indeed tend to have a lot of great content, yet it seems to me that the content is really shallow and fake at times, because there is so much bad acting involved. But, the amateurs, the actual videos submitted by the users themselves can lead to a much greater and more enjoyable experience. That is why ICumGFs is the site of my choice, as the videos are all raw and very imaginative and arousing.

Website Layout

I just love the home page of this site, because as soon as you join, you are able to see a lot of great content, especially on the giant collage of images at the top of the page. Girls being the target of male orgasms are a pure pleasure to watch, even in stills such this one. See the cum on their faces, tongues and boobs, and enjoy the kinky fun that you get to see, even in the previews. Scrolling down, one could see more of such previews, along with some links and buttons with instructions on how to join. The site is user friendly, as the videos are sorted nicely, so that no time is lost on meaningless searches for your right girl and video. The site does help in other ways, some of them being the fast and lag free browsing. Opening the pages and the videos on this site is a pure joy. The site is like that with mobile devices, too, so that you can enjoy your time on the sofa, or the bed.

Website Content

The amateurism of this site makes it even more exciting than the features it has. Why? Simply because it has so much different content, coming from different people all around the world, which submit the videos because they like to share their pleasure in having sex and wild fucking. The variety among the members and the content is great, because you get to see whatever you like, from ebony girls, to kinky Asians with innocent faces and a lust for cum. The videos are of a different quality, which entirely depends on the people who submit them. Some just grab a random recording device, the nearest one to them at the time of the shooting and just make the video, while others, those in love with esthetics shoot full HD videos and make every detail of that cumshot come to life. The site does indeed offer perks to those who join, and among seeing the constantly renewed collection of videos, you also get access to more sites, 12 more, actually. The thing about these sites that intrigues me is that they boast with different content, so that you, in the end, have so much different porn to look at, that it becomes really a matter of choice, as to what turns you on the most.

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In Few Words

Have yourself a treat with these girls, and you will never leave unsatisfied. Having an orgasm is not the question with this site, the question is how many would you prefer having, and how long would you like them to last. With that in mind, and the great content, the raw sex and cumshots that you would get to see, along with the many other sites that come along with the membership, you should not lose a second more, and head over to ICumGFs to get yourself the best gift possible.

How much costs enter the ICumGfs site?

  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $34.95
  • 3 months $59.95

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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