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HotMoviesForHer Review

Website Intro

HotMoviesForHer is one of the finest fetish porn site to watch, especially if you like your porn site huge in content. If you are a male, it is no question that you will love this particular porn site. If you are a female, then you are going to love it even more here – this is because this one is made particularly for women. Yes, this uniquely themed site has a driven purpose of providing women quality porn so they do not feel left out. After all, most porn sites in the industry targets men in the first place.

HMFH is not limited to gender though and you are free to watch it regardless of your sex; it’s just that the audience they like to reach out to are mostly females. Now, the site falls under a rather vast category with its wide range of genres to choose from. This colossal porn site does not only settle for two or three themes, it is the entire package rolled into one. Launched in January 2007, this glorious porn site is pay-per-view and is definitely the best place to find porn catered to women (or men).

Website Layout

The site basically exudes confidence, simplicity, and elegance. What else would you expect from a porn site dedicated to women? The navigation here is simple to understand while the user interface is beneficial in a lot of good ways. For the most part, the site layout is uncluttered and the overall feel of the site is absolutely great. The links can be found on both the side menu bar and the top menu bar. It consists of different buttons but it is rather easy to familiarize yourself with them.

The site works like an actual DVD rent shop but instead of buying physical copies of the scenes, you can buy your time in here, rent digital copies of your favorite porn flicks, or settle with the usual pay-per-view method. The site is huge to begin with, so having lots of options helps. Browsing in here is very simple and despite the gargantuan profile that the site has, it still works like magic. You can simply head on to the categories page and click the category you would want. It will automatically take you to where the corresponding videos that fit that category are.

You can also make use of the advanced search bar for a more detailed browsing experience. There is a pagination link and you can sort the content out by their ratings, dates, titles, and popularity. Speaking of which, you can rate and comment on the videos. You can also add the scenes to your favorites, if you want to. There are no photo sets in here but who needs it when you almost have 200,000 scenes to skim through. The best thing about this porn site is that, even if it was made to cater to a female audience, anyone, regardless of gender, can always enjoy all the goodness HotMoviesForHer brings.

Website Content

Even right now I am still in awe at how gigantic this porn site turned out to be. Sure, it is not your typical porn site since it does not follow a strict monthly membership fee but it works in another way that is honestly more convenient. With around 160,000 scenes present in the site, you are probably going to immerse yourself in here for months and that would not be enough anyway. Each of the scene lasts for at least 20 glorious minutes.

The site accumulated that kind of gargantuan number because it does not stick to only one genre; it is made up of hundreds of fetishes but it also sticks with straight porn, lesbian porn, trans porn, and so much more. The site feels like it belongs to their own industry with the amount of content they have available. You can spend an eternity here and still won’t finish, because updates are rolling in every day.

The girls you see here vary from time to time. Some models are seasoned professionals, some are semiprofessionals, and some are amateurs. There are thousands of models here and with that variety, you will have more to choose from. All the scenes are available in high definition and the older ones seem to adapt to a more lower spec but still pretty good. It beats other oldies out there. You can only stream the videos in your browser with an embedded Flash player, and an updated one at that. Streaming usually gives you a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080 or lower but still decent. Of course, that is not the only option you get. You can “own” a scene by purchasing it or rent it for a few hours or a few days. You have a lot of options, so you do not just get stuck with one. All the scenes here are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.

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In Few Words

With the size of this porn site, you are probably going to drown in the sea of content and that is a good thing. With its pay-per-view nature, along with various other options, you do not have to bother yourself with payment plans and whatnot. The quality of all the videos is surprisingly good, despite the hugeness of this site. The features are simply amazing and there is so much to look forward to each time you decide to bask yourself in here. I am definitely recommending this treasure trove to anyone, especially women who want to have a good time.

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