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HelplessTeens Review

Website Intro

We already know that it is never a good idea to accept a ride from total strangers. It does not matter if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere and the only car that you can see is a rusty old van, what may be waiting for you inside may be way worse than the rain that you could get soaked in as you stand at the side of the road. As the girls on HelplessTeens quickly learn, they should love listened to their parent’s advice and get home through other means. The site provides scenes that come off as a horror movie. If you do not have the stomach for watching a beautiful girl hitching a ride, being picked up, restrained and fucked behind a van, then I suggest that you stay clear of the site. However, if you are anything like me, this is your kind of kink and you will have a blast watching the action unfold. While this may sound twisted, I cannot help it. So join me in exploring what HelplessTeens is all about.

The site has introduced a concept that has not been tapped into by many. While the girls may come off as naïve, they simply choose to believe the best in everyone. To add on this, they are desperate to get wherever they are going. In hindsight, if you were also stranded on the road, you would have done more or less exactly what these pretty faces opt to do. The content makes for the hottest BDSM action and if we know anything about the FetishNetwork, it will ensure that you enjoy all of the scenes without feeling too bad about it. This site has only exclusive scenes that can be enjoyed on a membership basis. Membership also ensures that you get full access to 40 network sites that ensure you enjoy a plethora of content.

HelplessTeens makes a bold statement and the movies on the site are more captivating than what you would see in Hollywood. All of the scenes are well-filmed, without any shortcomings to be seen. It is clear that HelplessTeens producers have dedicated all their time to ensure that you get the best from this site. Nothing can prepare you for the action that you are going to see here. Everything will be is well-presented to make for memorable and exciting moments. The site will make an impression on you that you all find hard to resist. HelplessTeens currently has 20 flicks that are waiting for you to explore. This is explainable as the website has only been around for a short time, therefore, it is still trying to build its collection. However, it tries to maintain a consistent update schedule that will see it grow to a humongous site that it is. Members of the site can enjoy the movies in an embedded player and if you want to enjoy them at a later date, you are free to save them. Downloads are in MP4 format and full HD format. There is no doubt that you will enjoy the movies for the high-quality flicks that they are. HelplessTeens tries to be a worthwhile entertainment portal for you and it does this exceptionally well.

Website Layout

The members’ area is really appealing to the eyes. It pops out with all kinds of scenes to ensure that you do not depart from the tour. Members can enjoy the love shows and even create custom videos of their own if they feel up to it. However, all of the ‘meat’ lies in the previews. The index pages have a number of previews that are tagged with upload dates and good description. The links have a custom function that enables you to flawlessly navigate through the content. The site has a lot of upsells but they only let you know the benefits that you will enjoy as a member of the site. HelplessTeens also has weekly live shows that are also archived for your entertainment.

Website Content

The girls on HelplessTeens are not the smartest that you may come across but they are surely the prettiest. Their innocence and naivety clearly manifest itself and you will love them for who they really are. However, you will also be afraid of them as they get into the van of horror. Here, we are not sure what will happen to them. They senselessly believe that they will get home safely. As fear gets the best of them, they decide to ride with strangers. The scenes begin with them being stranded by the roadside. They are often dressed in casual tops and shorts and while this may be anything but seductive, the perverted driver finds them completely irresistible. Without knowing, they are truly in a fix. When they get inside the van, they are restrained or blindfolded and the van driver has sexual intercourse with them against their will. They do not really scream for help because no one would hear them. They simply resign themselves to their fate and give in into what is happening to them. However, a few of them try to fight back without any success.

The scenes give way to anal action, BDSM, on blowjobs and all of the other kinky stuff that you have always wanted to see. They bring you the best of reality porn and captivating sexual techniques to ensure that you savor every moment of scary enjoyment. While you may be clutching tightly to your pillow, your pussy or hard cock will be communicating something else amidst the fear. The action on HelplessTeens may not be your perfect idea of adult entertainment but it surely meets you at your point of pleasure.

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In Few Words

HelplessTeens is exactly what you need to fill up your jar of sticky honey. The scenes are high quality, and the HD movies ensure that you enjoy all of the great moments in utter clarity. The fact that you can also make a custom video ensures that members will get involved as much as possible in the amazing action! I bet you want to be part of an adult platform that lets you explore your sexuality too.

How much costs enter HelplessTeens site?

  • 2 days FREE
  • 1 month $39.95
  • 3 months $24.00/month
  • 1 year $16.67/month

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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