HairyTwatter is where you can get exclusive porn videos of chicks with hairy pussies.


HairyTwatter Review

Website Intro

If you are a fan of porn, then you must have, at some point, desired to see something else, something different than the content that you can find everywhere else, the content of an exciting nature, if nothing else. Well, this site has content that will excite you, and do so much more, as you have the option of seeing very beautiful girls who love getting fucked and doing some softcore things, too, and best of all, they have hairy pussies. The site is called Hairy Twatter, and there you will be surprised.

Website Layout

The first surprise that comes to mind is that the site has such a good design, that it is impossible to resist. The very home page of the site has quite a lot to show you, from the top of the page where you can find a large banner at the top of the page, that shows all the sites in the network, and ending with the previews of the models at the bottom of the page. All covered in a design that has three colors, for the most part, black, gray and green, you are likely to enjoy everything you see there, including the previews in the middle of the page, where you get to see some of the scenes from the videos, or the actual photos themselves, but resized.

The site offers great perks to its members, starting from the sorting options which help find the content on the pages, to the search bar which adds to that help. The site also has another thing that you are sure to like, and that is a flawless connection, where everything runs absolutely smoothly. The site has no lag, and you will enjoy that, and so much more, as there are many things to be seen, even from the mobile devices, due to that good optimization.

Website Content

This site offers some really great looking girls, who you will love seeing for the-the first time, as they have exclusive content. The site offers great looking girls, and best of all, their pussies are hairy. Surely enough, in some videos, you will see them shave those pussies, and many more things, that are of the softcore nature, where they masturbate and tease you. But, when you get to the other videos, that have hardcore fucking in them, you will love what you see, to such an extent that it would be impossible for you not to have that orgasm.

The girls do a vast variety of hardcore sex, from standard fucking to threesomes. The details of the hairy pussies can easily be seen and enjoyed due to that great resolution that the site has. The resolution is full HD and you can enjoy over 120 videos that last from 10 to 30 minutes. If that is not your cup of tea, then you can look at the photos, all of which are in HQ, and go over 70000 in number. The site offers free downloads of the content, from the videos, in the WMV and the MP4 format, and the photos, in the ZIP format. What is more, you get access to all the 16 sites in the network, and all of their content could be yours, for a cheap sum.

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In Few Words

The site is called HairyTwatter and you should remember that name as you will get to see many things here, all of which you will love, from the softcore things to the hardcore ones, and best of all, it is all covered in hair, at least the pussies are. Join this site and never regret the decision to have such a good adventure for such a cheap price.

How much costs enter the HairyTwatter site?

  • 1 month $9.99
  • 3 months $6.55/month
  • 1 year $5.99/month

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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