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GoldenFeet Review

Website Intro

There are many solo porn websites available in the Internet these days. One of the best solo porn sites that you can access to these days is the GoldenFeet. This particular website is a solo site featuring Lady Sarah. This is actually the perfect website to go to when you have a foot fetish as Lady Sarah is a popular MILF who caters to every man’s foot fetish fantasy. Despite the fact that she is already 50 years old, that doesn’t mean that she is not able to give the best show for her male fans. She is still good enough to showcase her gorgeous feet and entice her man.

While most of the solo sites these days show lots of videos of solo performances, GoldenFeet is one of the exceptions. Instead of showcasing videos, you will be seeing more pictures. The videos are to be downloaded instead of streamed too. If you are not after the videos all too much and just want to get some pictures or if you want to watch videos offline, then you just have to get your membership to GoldenFeet. You can find Lady Sarah engaging in lots of feet fetish kinks that will satisfy your sexual fantasies. You will surely lust after here, especially when you see her body filled with the right piercings at the right place. There’re nipple clamps, pussy piercings, and such. You can see her using sex toys, butt plugs, and the likes too. As long as it is foot fetish related, you can say that she is the right fit for it. Her kinkiness will show if you let her do what she does best in the foot fetish niche. She may be already 50 years old but she can still rock your world without any problems. She’s actually hotter than more of the starlets who also have their own solo website in the Internet nowadays.

Website Layout

The website design of GoldenFeet is one of the simple ones in the porn industry. It doesn’t use that much of Flash features or fancy banners. Right when you enter the URL of the site in your browser’s address bar, you will eventually see some slide shows of Lady Sarah naked, a close up of her feet, and some BDSM screenshots. You can easily see just what kind of foot fetish kinks the goddess is capable of doing. You’ll know exactly what you will be getting as well – MILF feet, blowjobs, sucking, deepthroat, and the likes. The website is very user-friendly as well. You can just click on the tabs to go to the page that excites you the most. There’s also a brief introduction for you to read. In addition, there’s information on what types of content are available on the site.

The website also offers video previews for the members but you won’t be able to stream them in any way. The only way to see the full-length, full HD videos is to download the videos. You can choose to download these videos in their WMV, MP4, MOV, or AVI format. The videos will be lined up in the archive with their thumbnails. The main highlight of the GoldenFeet website is not the videos but the pictures though. They are really of high quality so you will surely be happy to fantasize over Lady Sarah through these pictures. You’ll fawn over her seductive body. If you pay for your membership to Golden Feet, your details will be safeguarded. You can opt to keep your personal information private. With this solo website by the sexiest foot fetish diva in the porn world, you can already enjoy a video archive with almost a hundred videos and 600+ images. These are the amazing features to enjoy with your membership to Golden Feet.

Website Content

Again, GoldenFeet is a porn website that showcases a solo performer – Lady Sarah. If you are expecting to find videos where another girl takes the center stage, then GoldenFeet is not a good choice for you. Even though it is only Sarah who is featured in the videos of Golden Feet, you will fawn over her considering that she still has that body that won’t lose to those who are still in their twenties or thirties. Lady Sarah is also kinkier than any other starlet in the foot fetish niche. You will find her in videos that involve masturbation, BDSM, body piercings, cock sucking, fellatio, and so many more.

Her allure is better than any other starlets who also have their own solo site. She is very erotic and kinky, especially if you let her do her sexual plays that are related to foot fetish. She can rub cocks with just her feet. Her feet are very erotic and you can find her male partner licking her feet very sensually. There are many different sex acts that will play out in front of you, whether you are watching the videos or viewing the images. Examples of these are in the niche BDSM, sex toys, masturbation, threesome, lesbian play, and the likes but they are mostly about foot fetishism. If a 50-year old seductive MILF with foot fetish is your cup of tea, then there is no doubt that you are in the right place if you opt to access GoldenFeet to get some masturbation material you can use in your “private” time.

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In Few Words

Indeed, it is true that there are many websites in the Internet nowadays that showcase solo performers. However, it can be rare to find ones who are already in their senior years. With GoldenFeet, Lady Sarah is not just some 50-year old MILF who doesn’t have that much juice in her. You’ll be able to get more out of your membership in this site compared to any other. It is only worth it to be in this site, especially if you have a foot fetish. You can expect more content to be uploaded into the site too since the update schedule is weekly. In short, you won’t regret getting a membership to this porn website.

How much costs enter GoldenFeet site?

  • 7 days for $15.83
  • 1 month $26.50
  • 3 months $53.01
  • 6 months 95.50

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