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GlamAndArt Review

Website Intro

Glamandart is a reality porn site that features both regular pornstars and ordinary women engaging in seductive acts on camera. It is centrally preoccupied with nudity. If you have a knack for soft porn, you are set for a treat on this site that also happens to feature some of the most gorgeous models on the porn scene. All the images are presented in high-resolution still photos.

Website Layout

When I first got to this site, I had this relaxed effect as I tried to browse around. The videos and photos are large and presented in clear form that matches any modern site with an eye for the best. The models are professional, and they pursue their activities with perfect experience. They know how and where to touch so as to elicit the most emotion in the viewer. They seem very comfortable in front of the camera too. The content is hyped and practically presented as glamour entertainment. I think they have lived to this description; given the caliber of their models. Like many forward-looking sites in modern day, the site is also mobile friendly. I used my phone with relative ease to browse through the content that is also cleverly outlined in categories. There are no live cam shows either. The only disappointment for some people may arise from the fact that there are relatively fewer photos to choose from on this site. This I think can be explained by the fact that there are only 14 models on the site to deliver all the shows. Each of these models is featured in up to 150 photos in the site’s library. You can download these photos in a zip file if you wish to have a glimpse. There is no provision to view the photos directly online. The site also provides access to many wall papers once you subscribe. It is a good site for those with a knack for still pictures.

Website Content

Well, glamandart is more of an art porn site. You get to enjoy your porn in still photos downloaded in a zip file. The girls appear slick and glamorous in the photos. The photography is perfectly done by a professional. There are no photo glitches reminiscent of amateur photography. The models on this site are all white. They are shot in various serene scenes, on sofas and outdoor locations. There are no direct links to watch videos on the site; neither are there live cam shows available. The lack of video scenes made me want to bolt a little sooner than I had planned on the site. The administration should consider including video captions so as to raise the status of the site online today. Yet this may not fit in with their original objective. It is easy to get around the site. In fact, I realized there is no need to add a search tool since the content is quite shallow and everything can be quickly accessed through the content downloaded. If there is no direct access to the net, then there is really no need to stretch too far. The site is open to membership and allows you to download as many impressive photos as you want. I think the site would help out confused clients with a little more information about the models. Otherwise, for a site in its class, it does a fair job in soft porn entertainment.

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In Few Words

The girls are hot. They all appear very professional and attractive. The content on the site is said to be exclusive. Although it is often hard to differentiate girls in the nude when they appear on different sites, I have some experience in differentiating, and I don’t remember the faces appearing on other sites. If you are out for soft porn by pornstars that would be just as comfortable doing more erotic and hardcore stuff, then you will enjoy what is presented on this fabulous site.

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