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FunSizeBoys Review

Website Intro

Great gay porn site, FunSizeBoys is a destination on the internet for people that love men-to-men action. This isn’t like any other gay porn site because it has an exciting twist. Prepare yourself to experience a unique combination of a cute guy and a tall guy, both sharing sexual pleasure. Watch how a tall guy handles his male partner while he fucks him in his ass. Expect a lot of giant cocks being filled up with cum, guys swallowing jizz, and asses being jacked with a big dick. You’ll definitely experience a completely different type of gay porn that you won’t be able to find in other sites.

Website Layout

FunSizeBoys introduces a simple and user-friendly porn site that anyone would enjoy visiting. Once you reached this site, I’m sure you won’t have any problem browsing its content. You would immediately notice its large thumbnail of a white guy spreading his legs for a taller guy. It’s actually a video where you can watch to give you an idea of what content FunSizeBoys has to offer. You can also read its short description to add up the horny feeling. Once you browse further, they also displayed a collection of pictures of its models. These images are taken from the video itself. The first picture even has a story of what happened.

If you keep scrolling, you’ll see its vast collection of pictures from scenes of its videos. Blowjobs, nut licking, ass squeezing, and many more sex scenes, that’s what you should expect from this porn site. Its design is also a plus, they used the color black as a background and added the colors white and blue for a cleaner look. The pictures and videos are well-compiled so that all the viewers won’t have any problem choosing the video they want to watch or the picture that they want to view. Overall, its features and design give a horny and exciting feeling to anyone.

Website Content

All the models in this porn site have a muscular body and a big dick. I’m sure that any gay viewer would love every scene in all of the videos here at FunSizeBoys. Once the camera started playing, one guy would initiate by kissing his other companion torridly while touching his cock. The pleasure would soon intensify and would result in both guys removing their pants and showing off their big cocks. The scenes would now be minutes of cock sucking, licking the head of the dick and also the balls. The climax would always be anal sex. All of these scenes are all to expect in all of its high-definition videos. You’ll also get to watch them in 4K quality, which gives a truly awesome viewing experience.

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In Few Words

FunSizeBoys is undoubtedly the dream porn site for fans of two dicks in one video. I’m sure any gay viewer would love this porn site because of its high-definition videos, high-quality pictures, interesting men to men sex stories, exciting gay scenes, and much more content. All of its models can truly light you up and make you horny as you watch them fucking each other. Every scene is truly satisfying that will surely complete your evening while masturbating and playing with yourself.

How much costs enter FunSizeBoys site?

  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $21.95/month
  • 6 months $17.95/month

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